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People are people;
it doesn’t matter what they look like,
it doesn’t matter what their language sounds like,
people are people.

People needed to be treated like they matter;
I don’t care if they’re filthy rich or poor,
it doesn’t matter if they smell like a million bucks or the scent of alcohol is seeping through their pores,
people need to be treated like they matter.

Jesus had shaggy hair and flip flops;
so who are you to judge?

They say judge not the garments
yet you walk around with hate in your blood.

Keep turning your nose up,
someday you’re gonna get punched in the face,
then you can really turn your nose up and smudge your face with that hate in your blood.

Every person you encounter should be treated with respect.

The rich man and the poor man,
they both deserve respect.

The man, the woman,
and the children,
they’re all human;
they all need to be treated with respect.

@StevieStreets #humaneletters #sonnet | People Are People