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Sometimes you need to be alone to quiet the noise.
in order to do thee impossible and see thee unseen,
you must understand the power of quietude and not being seen.

I mean; the sun is brilliant by day,
yet at night the the stars are seen…
I guess you can say, sometimes, I like people
and then there’s those times when I refrain from all contact with human beings.

The vibe never lies…
if I catch the slightest hint of the wrong vibe, I’m done with people.
Yet still in all
when I need time to replenish, it has nothing to do with people.
Being an introvert is not what you think,
sometimes I need silence to hear the divine energy,
sometimes I just need to think.

I’m responsible for both the energy that I give
and the energy that I accept;
therefore, sometimes I need to be alone to get to know my “self.”
Sometimes, I don’t answer my phone cause I’m busy engaging my higher self.

Sometimes, I prefer books over people;
and that has nothing to do with my Myers Briggs type having 6% feelings.
Sometimes, I prefer books over people;
only because erudition and intuition are premonitions that replenish the higher self.

In retrospect, I’m 50% introvert with extrovert tendencies.
If Mindfulness and Stillness teach you how to welcome extraordinary energy;
in a world where people seek attention like food,
solitude is my natural propensity.

I find solace in the solitude,
nothing makes me feel more alone than small talk in large gatherings;
lonely is the only company when you’re in the company of those that don’t match your energy.
This is dedicated to those that take time to replenish.

If calm is a superpower, introversion is not a blemish.
This concludes my ode to replenish;
I had my dose of people for the day, I’m going to replenish. 🤓

@StevieStreets time alone poem | Introversion: Introvert Problems