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How could you expect someone to be committed to a relationship,
if they’re not committed to reading? 🤓

I need a woman who loves recreational reading as much as she loves breathing. 📚

When I really want to get to know a woman,
I listen to her playlists and read her favorite books.

I don’t care if she sends me sweet text messages;
morning – noon – and night,
if there’s no texture, no depth.

I need texture, I need depth,
I need something more than looks.

I’m looking for the girl whose face is blocked by a book.

If reading is the new sexy,
I know book bae is buried in a book. 📚😍

Nothing makes me feel more alive
than discourse with a woman that loves books.

I like ’em afro bloomin’ with the melanin poppin’,
#turnupabook tee, #readmore button rockin’.

I’m looking for the woman who’s referring to the bookstore
when she exclaims “let’s go shopping!”

I need a well read black girl that’s not afraid to write her name in the sky.

When I exclaim THE BOOK IS BETTER,
the love of my life would already know why.

I’m the type of guy to take an awkward black girl around way.

I need an around the way girl; if I may say.

If reading is the new sexy,
I want a girl that hashtags books are bae.

@StevieStreets #blackgirlsread slash #prettygirlsread #poem | Reading is the New Sexy