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Concerning nonviolence, it is criminal to teach a man not to defend himself when he is the constant victim of brutal attacks. -Malcolm X

I am the darker brother
exclaimed Langston

Listen, Black America…
I’m more MALCOLM than MARTIN
same color, different hues.

They killed both brothers;
albeit different views.

The nonviolent
died violently.

The Jim Crow defiant
died violently.

couldn’t silence me.

Ghandi was a bigot,
Malcolm had a little more faith,
y’all better stop dreaming and stay woke.

I don’t want no pie in the sky,
the all-seeing eye won’t seal my fate;
the only God they trust is inscribed Federal Notes.

Thee American Dream is a hoax,
they still don’t want me to vote;
my neighborhood consists of liquor store – traphouse – storefront church,
I guess hope is the new dope.

Why they wanna sell me inebriate dreams of tomorrow,
while they live their dreams today
and I succumb to sorrow?

Explain to me why is it so easy for society to witness injustice everyday,
yet equal rights and justice are always coming on the morrow?

I wonder how people that look like me
are considered to be the minority
yet somehow we comprise the incarcerated majority?

I wonder why MLK day is the only public holiday dedicated to a minority?

Why we don’t dedicate holidays to the El-Hajj Malik’s and Fannie Lou’s of society?

Why do they extract brothers like Mumia and Dr. York from society?

I have a dream… and I pray I live to see the day when Sundiata, Mutulu, and Jamil Abdullah are paid retributions and returned to society.

I have a dream… that one day Assata, Kathleen, and Angela will be awarded for their contributions to society.

I have a dream… that one day names like Herman Wallace, Fred Hampton, and Mark Clark will resonate with society.

I have a dream… that women like Afeni, Mary Johnson Lowe, and Ruby Bridges are celebrated for their contributions to society.

I mean…
Why is Malcolm hated?
Why is Martin celebrated?
Why is the alpha Black Male castrated?
Where would we be if Harriet never made it?

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