The T in Timing is greater than the T in Talent…

the totality of life is mathematic:

everything is everything,

as long at one plus one equals two, you’ll always get your due.

Everything comes back full circle,

don’t ask me why; you don’t wanna know the half.

fb’s on this day reminded me about the time I volunteered at the boys and girls club

as I took a break from writing a proposal for the Y; all I could is laugh.

As the adage goes

“I’m not aware of too many things,

I know what I know, if you what I mean.”

Insight is a beautiful sight;

everything you need is already within you yet that remains to be seen.

They say everything in due time

yet life has comedic timing.

What goes around comes back around again;

all I could say is trust the process,

master your minutes,

and remember as long as your heart’s beating, it’s all about timing.

@StevieStreets | Life Has Comedic Timing