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I don’t care to hear about his adopted parents b

It’s apparent to me, this country could care less about a child having a mother or a father

Apparently, you keep forgetting who’s the true terrorists in this country

Need I remind you, you kidnapped my ancestors
Raped my mother and castrated my father

Quit your sh*t America

Seventeen people were taken away from mothers and fathers

Fourteen students will never have the opportunity to become mothers and fathers

Quit your sh*t America

Why are you reporting about this coward’s adopted mother and father?!

I’m lost. Why do we give a sh*t about the loss
of this mass murderer’s adopted mother and father?

Is that a segue to adopting new gun laws?

Are you diverting the attention towards mental health care in lieu of tougher gun laws?

Oh, I get it… You’re attempting to decriminalize You and Yours

Funny how the confines of the law never seem to confine all of y’all

And by all of y’all I’m referring to those of y’all that exclaim all lives matter,

those of y’all that exclaim the opioid crisis is a medical matter,

those of y’all that try to paint these mass murders as victims of a mental health matter

Expletive – expletive all of y’all,
I got an epithet of expletives to address all of y’all

Quit your sh*t America, I am utterly appalled

For centuries terrorism has been cloaked in white sheets
With a slight southern drawl

Yet y’all wanna build a wall and stonewall questions about Guantanamo Bay

I am utterly appalled, I don’t know what else to say…
Terrorism is homegrown in the U – S – of – A

@StevieStreets #parkland #poem | Quit Your Sh*T America