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The only magic I still believe in is love…
Ms. three ninety-eight point two, where are you?
I frequent bookstores and libraries in search of you.
Stop me before I fall down the rabbit hole of love.

Gimme your love, gimme your love.

Don’t make me pull a rabbit out the hat,
Let me get lost in the magic in your eyes.
I got a thing for Black Girl hips and chocolate thighs.

Like a dove from a top hat,
You’re such a beautiful surprise.
I see you living life like it’s golden with them diamond eyes.

As the stars up above, your eyes shimmer of love.
I’m talkin’ forehead kisses and tight hugs,
White rose petals, cocoa butter back rubs.

I was through with love then – abracadabra – you appeared:
afro bloomin’ with flowers in your hair,
Hershey’s Kiss skin dipped in a tight sundress with the bookish eyewear.

In my darkest hour, the warmth of your smile was like a breath of fresh air…
On starry nights I wanna sit by the café terrace and adore the moonlight in your hair.
I know why the songbird sings but why do birds suddenly appear?

I’m cuckoo for the juju, the hoodoo is lulu…
What are these strange emotions that I’m feeling?
What is this love you speak of? Help me understand.
Put your hand in my hand, lay your head on my chest,
Listen to my heart neath the silent night’s air.

Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me,
I wanna be the sweet nothings in your ear;
Like sleight of hand, I don’t wanna know my hand from your hand,
Let me put a ring on that finger right there.

Why do I get butterflies whenever you are near?
Why did Pablo write Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair?
Love is an antidepressant, I swear.

In the shadows of my mind, you are always there;
Please tell me what keeps you on my mind.

Did you put a spell on me? Tell me you’re something magical;
That Black Girl Magic got me losin’ my mind,
This kind of  voodoo is hard to find.

Could this be love? I want to taste of your lips like wine…

The magnetism of your ism got this hopeless romantic hoping to turn two into one this time.

I need to turn this magic moment into a couple of forevers this time.

@StevieStreets #ibelieveinmagic #poem | Trust The Magic: black magic, love, and other charms