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April celebrates poetry and jazz
Peace to the #poets talkin’ all that jazz

We appreciate the cultural heritage of Congo Square
Peace to the ancestors that gathered there

I say jazz is poetry and poetry is jazz
Peace to the scribes and the vibes, it’s all spiritual

Ase! Jazz is poetry and poetry is jazz
Peace to the Jazz Age, the New Negro Movement, and the brave new voices that continue to perform the rituals

It is the duty of the poets and writers to carry on the tradition

Art defines culture,
I am the dream and the hope of the slave
My heart blood bleeds for Black Bards and Black Musicians

Peace to the blerds and those that deserve honorable mention

This is for the Chitlin Circuit hoofers, playwrights, authors, poets, and jazz musicians
Peace to the ancestors that brought Black Arts into fruition

I got rhythm, I got rhymes
I dance to the beat of a different drum
I’m so seven eighty one point six five (781.65) and eight one one (811)
My dewey deserves an honorable mention

My poems are not poems
For those that pay attention,
This is the coda for the invisible poets and silenced musicians

This is a 30/30 challenge to discover those that the history books failed to mention

April celebrates jazz and poetry
Explore the stacks, frequent the call numbers that were previously mentioned

Write a poem, learn an instrument
Do The Write Thing, Do The Read Thing if you dare

Tell the world “Hip Hop is American Poetry” if you dare

Go to a spoken word event,
Purchase your friend’s poetry book this year

Go to that jazz concert,
Donate to that jazz station this year

Teach someone to read and write, if you care
Pay homage to those that died so you could read and write
FIND YOUR TRIBE, support Black Open Markets
Remember Congo Square

Recognize the rich history of When the Saints Go Marching In
Put A Poem In Your Pocket
Use your voice when the media gets out of pocket

Once again, April celebrates jazz and poetry
The End

@StevieStreets #JazzAppreciationMonth slash #NationalPoetryMonth #poem | JAZZ and POETRY