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I’m reclaiming my energy:
Welcoming good vibes only,
Distancing myself
From anything and anyone
That attempts to drain me of my energy.

You could catch me walking on sunshine,
Radiating peace, love, and positive vibes,
Amplifying my melanin,
Rejuvenating neath the radiance of yellow sun’s energy.

These days I’m moving in love and light,
Choosing peace over the need to be right.

I’m just tryna stay sucka free,
The theatre is the only drama I need in my life.

I just wanna stay close to the one’s that feel like sunlight;
beautiful souls light my soul,
I need that kind of energy.

I’m lighting the sage,
Balancing my chakras,
Reclaiming my time,
And protecting my energy.

In the battlefield of the mind, I’m a soldier of love
And ego is the enemy;
Don’t mind me, I’m jus’ living in the light,
Fighting demons,
Channeling peace,
And welcoming the god energy.

I just wanna live my best life,
Emit positive vibes,
And give off good energy.

All I need is peace of mind
And a lil chemistry;
If you live life like it’s golden,
I welcome your energy.

Ms. 398.2 (three-ninety-eight-point-two), where are you?
I need your synergy.

Love is an antidepressant
And the magic in her eyes compels me to reclaim my energy.

As Donny Hathaway serenades:
I love you in a place where there’s no place or time,
You could catch me gallivanting through the galaxy
Riding on shooting stars,
Sliding down rainbows,
And chasing waterfalls
Just to be in the midst of love’s light.

The girl has given me joy;
She walked into my life with eyes like a wishing star,
9 ether features,
And food for thought as beneficial as daylight.

Love is like a melanated queen,
Dancing with the ancestors,
Manifesting the Elohim.

It’s a beautiful thing, this thing called life:
Beauty is her name
For it is she that has taught me to appreciate the beauty in all things.

For it is the best of times and the worst of times
That are reminiscent of the rose and it’s thorn.

Life is no bed of roses,
Yet, wisdom appears like morning dew on the lawn.

If poetry has taught me anything,
I have learned to speak the languages of love
And deflect negative energy.

@StevieStreets #poem | Reclaiming My Energy