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My poems are not poems,
Don’t get it confused, these ain’t just lyrics.
I convene with the ancient spirits.

Wisdom cries out to the Streets,
If you quiet the noise, you could hear it.

When you mind your own, you’ll find the Divine in your own.

You could search in temples, churches, and mosques and never find your way home.

When you walk in faith rather than sight, you commence to see God’s presence in everything.

If you can comprehend the transcendental vibes, you know ENERGY IS EVERYTHING.

If you don’t recognize the power within, I suggest you become acquainted with the arts.

I’m anticipating, you’ll see the correlation between creation and art.

If you can’t see the God matter between your temples, you’ll never discover the Divine that dwells in your heart.

I suggest you act on reason not emotion,
Why do you think the brain is above the heart?

But don’t mind me,
You were given one mouth and two ears and most tend to listen not.

What do I know?!
I’m just an introvert in a world that talks a lot.

Nah, I’m not antisocial,
SELF-TALK is the best talk,
I tend to talk to God a lot.

@StevieStreets #ism | God Energy