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Hello, 9-1-1, I – SEE – BLACK – PEOPLE…
I thought we were making America great again.
I’M NOT RACIST… but, I’m not comfortable with that color of skin.
Hello, 9-1-1; I feel threatened, I see Black People.

What do you mean they did nothing wrong? They’re Black!
I think they’re taking this equal rights and justice for all thing a little too far.
Certainly, you can check their ID for warrants or escort them out in handcuffs and let them loiter in your patrol car?!
I have every right to call the police on innocuous people of color; I’m not racist… but, I thought we were taking our country back.

What the… [What?!] are you thinking?!

White-Privilege has racial profiling trending,
Let that sink in.

The racial overtones are loud and clear
And the make america great again undertones are seething.

When my people commence to apprehend the value of BLACK BUYING POWER,
BLACK LIVES MATTER will really matter.

We gotta hit these bigots in the wallet;
We believe in God,
They believe, In God We Trust,
And those are two totally different matters.

Dear Black America:
Collectively, we’re like an open hand,
United we’re like a clenched-fist, we can no longer afford to stand at opposite hands;
For those that understand…
We need Moor Banks,
If you strike the shepherds, the sheep will scatter,
We need to elect Moor District Attorneys and lobby behind our Lawmakers,
If we expect to rectify these matters.

@StevieStreets #artisactivism #poem | Hello, 9-1-1