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I got a thing for women that burn sage
And rock box braids

I’m a fan of sisterlocks with the updo or the french braids
I know my wcw is out there somewhere knockin’ Erykah Badu smudging sage
Wafting good vibes in the air

I got an affinity for kinky hair
I’m looking for a melanated sister, crowned with natural hair
She could don a headwrap or rock Jane Carter Solution in her hair

I got short hair love too, you could shave your head boo
I don’t care
I’ll take a baldheaded queen with style and flair
Long as your energy is soothing to my soul, we could roll

I need someone whose energy is healing to my soul
Hey Natural Hair, I could feel it in the air
I love you’re energy, you’re such a beautiful soul
Maybe we could stroll through a bookstore
Or discourse privately amid swirls of incense and remnants of neo – soul

You can catch me manifesting with ancient mystics, scrubbing sweetgrass smoke into my palms
But don’t be alarmed
Bonita Applebum, you gotta put me on

I mean…
It’s nothin’ but good vibes over here
Dear Black Coffee,
There’s no need for chamomile tea or lavender oil whenever you are near

To clear the air
I represent the good vibes only tribe over here
Yet I find myself awaiting that sweet awakening, my dear
Yeah, I’m sweet on that Black Girl Magic
It feels like daylight, daylight whenever you appear
I gotta keep you near

I mean,
Everybody loves the sunshine
Uh, yeah
I’m digging your whole vibe
Oh, gonna make you mine
Light the sage, let’s vibe


@StevieStreets #hopelessromantic #poem | Burning Sage