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To the women who have worked wonders in my life:

For what it’s worth,
I appreciate a woman’s worth.
Although your emotional labor is sometimes overworked and under-compensated,
I wanted to take a moment to let you know YOU ARE APPRECIATED.

Thank you for being emotionally available to me.
Although thou friendship is priceless to me,
I shall always be indebted to thee.

One Love,


“Sure an ant can carry fifty times its own body-weight. But a human woman can carry one hundred times her own emotional weight.”

-Drawings of Dogs

For as long as I could remember, women have been the cornerstone of my emotional state.

As odd as it seems, I have often overlooked the emotional pillars (women) that build me up; I know you may not hear this enough, but THANK YOU for making me a better human being.

To the women I love: When I come to you with pieces of a man, thank you for making me whole. Thank you for speaking life into me. Thank you for gracing me with your smile. Thank you for the foresight and fortitude to invest in my emotional well-being.

For what it’s worth, I appreciate a woman’s worth. I love you even more, now that I know you made me smile on the days when I was emotionally unavailable and your propensity to extend your emotional energy drained your energy and it was hard for you to smile. Although the strength of a woman is seldom seen and emotional work is damn near invisible, I wanted to take a moment to say the strength of woman builds nations and there’s not a man alive that could shoulder the burden of a woman’s emotional weight. Woman, I adore you. THANK YOU for tirelessly carrying someone else’s emotional weight.