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Peace to the skywatchers,
Energy cleansers,
And signs of a balanced crown chakra.

My poems are not poems,
This that blue kyanite crystal clear communication.

When Mercury is in retrograde,
Black onyx shields the mind and body from negative situations.

But don’t mind me,
I just wanna drop gems and speak to your soul.

When Mercury is in retrograde,
I’m on vibe patrol;
You could find me amid the earth to earth hemisphere
Exchanging body language with a beautiful soul.

This virgo gallivants around Mercury,
Retrograde or not.

Peace to the ibis with papyrus,
It was written, in case y’all forgot.

In the name of the moon, stars, and sun, I took an oath;
They got Zeus from Amun
And Mercury from Thoth.

When Mercury is in retrograde,
I time travel through Kemet and Kush.

The miseducation got these youngins tryna find a connect on the kush;
I jus’ wanna open the lines of communication
And discourse the Kingdom of Kush.

Double-consciousness got my second-sight praying for survival;
Knowledge of self got me practicing African Holistic Health,
Acquiring gems from the crystal bible.

I don’t want no pie in the sky,
I’m full of life.

When Mercury is in retrograde,
Smoky quartz heals the soul and wards off all strife.

When Mercury is in retrograde,
Be sure to add citrine and amazonite to your cipher;
When communication derails, you will prevail if you stay grounded and move in love and light.

@StevieStreets #poem | Mercury Retrograde