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I’m no stranger to displaced anger and disfunction.

I know what it is to live when anxiety is suffocating
And depression is crippling
And the propensity to be something forces you to function when you’d rather do nothing.

When shall your wounds welcome their scabs?

To heal a wound, you have to stop touching it.

Sometimes I’m coping with mixed emotions like I’m so HAPPY yet so SAD…

Often I’m dealing with the duality of mental health and my best self like
Ego is the enemy and YOU ARE ENOUGH – even in your ruggedness.

Truth be told,
The vibe never lies and energy is everything…
Long story short:
We long for love in view of the fact that we don’t know how to accept it.

I see too many adults living with codependency issues ’cause the child within was neglected.

Why do hurt people hurt people?
Why do mental health memes cut deep?

I once read: “If you don’t heal what hurtcyou, you’ll bleed on people that didn’t cut you.”
And thought “that’s deep!”

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