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Peace to the ancestors…
And the black women that birthed nations.
Although our celebratory traditions have nothing to do with the European invasion,
We appreciate this time to commune with friends & family.
Peace to the indigo-children, the matriarchs,
And the ones that convene with the ancestors.
Hope your day was filled with peace, love, and positive vibes.
In the name of history, heritage, and humanities,
I’d be remiss if I didn’t pay homage to the ancestors.

My poems are not poems…
And I say that to say:
There’s so much to be THANKFUL for.
When you’re fully present, you unwrap the gift each day.
Every day is a present
Yet most people never unwrap the gift.
Seize that moment,
Pay no mind to the roadblocks, let your spirit guide the way.
To know is better than to believe,
Through knowledge and understanding the ancestors have paved the way.

As the sun, moon, and stars above,
Your footsteps have been illuminated

by those that have paved the way.

May the fruits of your labor ensure your seeds seeds never need along THE WAY.
As the adage goes:
The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
In all thy getting acquire wisdom,
Once it’s acquired it can’t be taken;
Plus you can take it anywhere you go.

Before I let you go,
I need to know:
Did you hear the one about the rich man and the man without cargo?

A rich man boarded a ship with a vast majority of his riches and illustrious cargo.
A traveling man boarded the ship carrying nothing but an air of confidence.
The ship crashed before the men reached their destination, leaving both men without a cent.
In a moment of clarity,
The rich man was forced to beg for charity while the traveling man increased his wealth.
The rich man had nothing but possessions, the traveling man possessed knowledge of self.

If nothing else,
Forever rich is he who becomes a student and a teacher for he may always find the lessons and alway teach someone else.


@StevieStreets #thankheavens #poem | Peace to The Ancestors