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The ARTS tend to bring us together…

Even in a war torn world,
poetry – music – and art would always string together

In the symphony of life,
That little art in heART shall help us heART the ARTS and connect us forever

Although, at times, we may find it hard to string together common ground,
As we orchestrate our differences in the key of life, the culture of us shall resound

As the inclusiveness of the violin, viola, cello, double bass, and harp string together a beautiful sound,
So too shall the diversity of us create harmony

For the strings tying us together shall always be tied to peace – love – and harmony,
the common ground collective shall always be found in the beauty of banding together

My poems are not poems…
Yet my heartstrings strike a chord amongst those that see the beauty in banding together

And I say that to say:
How long must ye single each other out before ye band together?

As the poets put words together,
The musicians bring instruments together,
And the artists blend colors together,
So too must all walks of mankind come together

As dialect is not detected in laughter,
Joy is the instrument that brings forth the cliché “that is music to my ears!”

For how sweet the sound of a foreign dialect,
When love is the universal language and common ground is shared

To become familiar with your neighbor’s traditions and customs is to erase your fears

-StevieStreets #thecultureofus #poem | The Strings Tying Us Together (Defining Culture)



“When we’re defining culture, it’s often about how you can turn something that’s not yours into your own. I always felt that Bach was my music — I lived my whole life living and experiencing this music almost every day. It’s in my skin, it’s in my bones, it’s in my memory – it’s in all my experiences. And I believe that until we stop becoming human, Bach’s music is going to be continually listened to, because of the kind of understanding that he brings to human nature. It is one way that #cultureconnectsus.”

-@yoyoma.official | Prélude to Bach’s Cello Suite No.1 Six Evolutions