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When I was poor, I made poor choices.

I’m not wealthy yet I’m the richest I’ve ever been in my life.

I mean, I have a million dollar mindset mainly in part of the generous souls that took time to deposit a little love in my life.

Thumbing through the memory banks of life, it’s safe to say my rich spirit is an accumulation of the wealth of knowledge I received from the voices.

As one may never travel further than one’s thoughts, I’d advise you to pay close attention to the books that you read and the people that you meet.

There’s so much to be gained when you take an interest in others;
As the adage goes: you tend to help yourself each time you help another.

When you consider the human race and withdraw the hate, you’ll see that we’re all sisters and brothers;
If education is the passport from poverty, I just want to minister information to my sisters and brothers.

Once upon a time I caught jewels from those that live life golden,
Now that I’m living life like it’s golden I pay it forward by dropping gems in the street.

For those that listen,
Wisdom cries out to the streets.

I do it for those imprisoned,
Indigo Children, and men and women who wanna make it out of the streets.

Take it from me,
Nothing will change your life faster than the books that you read and the people that you meet.

Would you believe if I told you you are super rich without a red cent?
Yeah it doesn’t make sense like “your life will become more fulfilled when you master the art of needing less” defies your current logic.

Don’t worry, one day it’ll all make sense.
Many moons ago, tryna make a dollar out of fifteen cents had me sitting in the streets tryna make a profit.

I was told if you change your mind, you’ll change your life; I’ve been hooked on books ever since.
For wisdom is worth far more than silver and gold, if you see me sitting in the streets now, I’m tryna hear the prophets.

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