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life and lessons:
you only get one life to live yet you gotta count ya blessings.

nowadays if i’m not engaged in self-talk,
i discourse with those that have returned to the heavens.

arm – leg – leg – arm – head,
da god body gets busy anywhere on god’s green earth
yet most of my friends are resting in heaven.

i rose from hell, i fell from heaven, i’ve been counted out so many times yet they never accounted for the blessings.

god, show me another way, i need another day,
sometimes a brother pray, sometimes a brother prey.
please don’t let me lose my way;
i hear what they never say,
what more could i say?!
in my darkest hour, i visualized a brighter day.
i’m from where the clouds are gray, i need a brighter day;
as the god nas would say:
i need a new n**** for this black cloud to follow
cause while it’s over me it’s too dark to see tomorrow.

@StevieStreets for #thesearemyconfessions #poem | of life and lessons