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February Twenty-First, Nineteen Sixty-Five

The fiery soul of a gallant man was extinguished
Yet the spirit is still alive

As brother Fred Hampton would say:
They can kill the revolutionary
Yet they can’t kill the revolution

In Sixty-Five, they tried to silence the messenger – Malcolm X
Yet his message resounds in 1964 The Black Revolution

It’s been fifty-four years since the political assassination
And the battle cry of freedom still remains in brown eyes

I know what kind of world I’d like to see
Yet why should I lose my identity before the world hears my freedom-cries?

Why should I exercise nonviolence while the strong arm of the law has a chokehold on my brothers and sisters?

If it’s equal rights and justice for all,
Why does the prison industrial complex overtly produce a genocidal gripping on our brothers and sisters?

When is Uncle Sam gonna be charged with violating human rights?

Imagine BLACK LIVES MATTER when the fight for civil rights is expanded to human rights

It’s time for the Black Man to come to the defense of the Black Man;
When the Black Man in this country aids the Black Man in that country
And the Black Man in that country aids the Black Man in this country,
As Black Men unite all around the world,
We’ll have a real revolution

And I ain’t talking that We Shall Overcome,
That is no revolution

“Revolutions will never be won by turning the other cheek!”
As Brother Malcolm used to speak

But don’t mind me;
I just had to take a moment to pay homage to El Haj Malik

@StevieStreets long live #elhajmalikelshabazz #poem | February 21, 1965