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for those that ask “what are you doing for protein?”

broccoli has more protein than beef,
don’t ask me what i’m doing for protein?

to say the least, the strongest animals alive thrive on plant-based protein?

the hardest challenge eye’ve faced during Meatless March has been channelling zen in the wake of those that refuse to see the benefits of a moor organic life.

minus a pescatarian cheat-day, our Meatless March Challenge is rooted in planting the seeds to help branch out towards a more natural life.

now that the elephant’s in the room, don’t make me go ape sh!t; quit the monkey business, stop acting like protein-power does not stem from a plant-based life.

how long ’til you stop beefing with the vegans & vegetarians and explore the vegeculture?

if you can’t Go Meatless, consider healing with wholefoods; food is medicine and the next breakthrough in radiant health shall be rooted in urban agriculture.

in the garden of life, a plant-based lifestyle oughta be at the helm of the culture.

@StevieStreets for @vegeculture365 / #vegeculture #moororganic | Thrive on Plant-Based Protein


📷: @diosana_health