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i’m too wOke for the american dream…
if they ain’t tryna kill us, they’re tryna turn us to feigns.
the country’s divided without the wall and it ain’t got nothing to do with skin color; stay wOke my brother, it’s all about capitalist green.
all i know is: the walls are closing in on trump and it’s getting hard to overlook the walls of justice as tough on crime proponents push to legalize green.
how am i supposed to care about your opioid crisis or your medical excuse for drug use when your prisons are filled with my brothers and sisters that tried to scale the walls of justice with triple beam dreams?

when we gonna talk about the unbalanced scale of justice or how the war on drugs mandate fostered the most horrific holocaust to date?
i don’t understand how conservatives are so pro-life when it comes to a woman’s decision yet so tolerant to our brothers and sisters being buried alive in prisons.
why should i worry about a wall at the mexico border, when our brothers and sisters in flint, michigan have been left out to dry amid food deserts and lead-contaminated water?

flint can’t drink tears or well wishes;
my heart is heavy; first they flooded our neighborhoods with drugs then they bombed they levees.
the flint water crisis is biological warfare!
why the cdc put a patent on the ebola virus?
these white supremacists (oops i meant biochemists) have been killing us off for years.

when we gonna talk about the mass murderers that manufactured aids and hiv?
i wonder why they ain’t want bill cosby to purchase nbc.
why we can’t get states to mandate the marijuana justice act before they legalize dispensaries?
i don’t wanna see the world up in smoke while my brothers and sisters with drug convictions are still sitting in penitentiaries.
so no! i don’t care to hear how medical marijuana stops your children from having seizures; f’ you and your legislative bill, last time i checked: our communities are still paying the price of your stop and frisk seizures.

@StevieStreets #artisactivism #poem | Too wOke for The American Dream

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