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Right wing fanatics have no regard for WOMENS RIGHTS!

When we gonna talk about how the idiots behind the hashtag i am the pro-life generation are staunch proponents of mass incarceration?

I mean, how did we put A WOMAN’S DECISION in the same hands that write tough on crime laws and death penalty legislation?

We can’t even get the GOP to talk sensibly about gun reform yet they expect me to believe HB481 should be used to determine life?!

If you ask me why this heartbeat bill breaks my heart, I will ask you: Where is your regard for life when women are raped?

How does Ed Setzler (and the Republicans who campaigned on conservative values) plan to eradicate the State of Georgia’s sex trafficking epidemic?

When did A WOMAN’S CHOICE become pandemic? When you gonna see we need more euthenics and less eugenics?

I guess anything goes but Kavanaugh is still a nah; I don’t understand how a man accused of rape was not recused from the Supreme Court Justice of the United States.

When did rape culture become pop culture? This can’t be America!

Then again, we let a man who alluded to sexual assault become President of the United States of America.

Sometimes I wonder: Why do assault rifles get more support than survivors of sexual assault in America?

How does “a state that values life” impinge the toughest abortion bill in the country?

Is it me – or did the LIFE Act kill the morale of women throughout the country?

My poems are not poems…
And I say that to say: I jus’ wanted to illustrate how I stand with those that want to Reclaim Georgia and draw attention to the state with the highest maternal mortality rate in the country.

@StevieStreets #awomanknowsherbody #poem | When Did Rape Culture Become Pop Culture?

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