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“Black women deserve a love that doesn’t require suffering first.” –Unknown


And for that matter
Black Mental Health Matters.


Who taught you to make Black Women feel like they don’t deserve?!
How long before you realize love is a verb?
Come on, Black Man,
When you gonna give that Black Woman the love that she deserves?


I mean,
Why do Black Girls learn to love from a hurt place?
I mean,
If happiness looks good on her,
Why must ye be the one to put tears on her face?
On second thought,
If the Black Woman is GOD,
Why don’t ye love her religiously,
Worship her African features,
And impart the divine grace that allows her to love from a safe place?


Don’t you know,
You should love her fiercely,
Erase her insecurities,
And give her a sense of security?


Why don’t ye train your Black Boys to recompense Black Women
For the generations that failed to offer her the surety of intimacy,

Peace of mind and other sensibilities?


Should the Black Family be repaired,
The Black Man must draw upon the innate propensity to uplift Black Women, immensely.


If energy is kinetic,
the prophecies are Kemetic,
How long before the Black Man propels the Black Woman forward?
How long before ye love the Black Woman endlessly
And reciprocate the same intensity that she offers in support of your well-being and natural abilities?


My poems are not poems
and I say that to say:
As long as I can remember,
I remember how brokenhearted Black Women have loved wholeheartedly.
But you don’t hear me though…

Why is it so easy for a Black Woman to take pieces of a man and love him wholeheartedly?
Dear Black Woman,
I apologize for not giving you my full attention and loving you half-heartedly.


To the women I’ve once loved,
For those moments when I was emotionally unavailable,
This is my public apology.


If the Black Man, Woman, and Child embody the sun, moon, and stars,
I jus’ wanna gallivant the cosmos,
Collect pennies from heaven,
Adore the moonlight in your hair,
Then come back earth to earth reciprocity.


If my nostalgic ways are to expound sentiments of sankofa,
I jus’ wanna look around,
Bask in Black Love,
And resound Ancient Kemetic Philosophy.


–@StevieStreets #protectblackwomanhood #poem | Black Love Matters Too