It feels like I’m dying, as I struggle to breathe and grasp what’s important.

It feels like a massive panic attack and swift hit to the organs.

As my heart is filled with rage, this sharp pain in my ribcage leads me to believe it’ll be easier to stop breathing.

They say to everything there’s season, so I fret not the time nor the hour.

What angers me the most is how quick someone else’s blatant disregard for life has robbed me of my power.

I mean, my mother and I have followed protocol and adhered to everything to reduce risk

yet here we are, still at risk.

Yeah, I try to move in love and light yet my heart’s been dark since the day I was robbed of peace of mind.

Perhaps I am still haunted from wiping Grandma’s tears in ’89.

Perhaps I’m too cold-hearted to pretend like everything is fine.

Perhaps this high fever got me too hot yet what I know for sure is I am not fine.

There’s no New Year Cheer this year, I’ve been in and out of deep sleeps with the shakes and shivers.

Still remember my Grandmother telling me “All of a man’s values must lie within his family”

yet what am I to do when I’m surrounded by ignorant niggers?

@StevieStreets | COVID Chronicles, vol. 1