pull your pants up

and pull yourself together.

if you see your brothers and sisters slippin’, pull them up.

when ye brothers and sisters are falling apart, cover them with gentleness until they pull themselves together.

black man, you are not who they say you are.

who taught you to degrade yourself?

the same carbon compounds that are found within your brown skin are found within the stars…

o’ how i want you to know your atomic structure is essentially an amalgam of the universe itself.

you are more than a junkie nod, your track record predates a needle mark.

what if i told you, you never needed the white man’s acceptance.

you are more than a crackhead shuffle, seneca village shows life has been no walk in the park.

when these lowlifes attack your image of self, you activate a higher self-acceptance.

black man, how long before you get back on track and move in love and light?

don’t let the pressure harden your light-hearted soul, you just continue to pray to the east and do what’s right.

@steviestreets message to the black man