Happy New Year Soul Star


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Each day is one of one;
may each sunrise awaken the brilliance within you. 🌞

May your thoughts illuminate enlightenment,
may wandering minds become fully present in the presence of you. 🌞

May you remember: You are golden…
don’t be afraid to let your inner glow shine bright;
the world needs your beautiful soul. 🌞

may you be the light in someone’s darkest hour, this year;
may your smile become luz del sol. 🌞

@StevieStreets anew poem | Happy New Year Soul Star 🌞

Melanin Poppin’


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I like ’em afro bloomin’ with the melanin poppin’…
FREE ANGELA tee, HANDS OFF ASSATA button rockin’.

Never had a love like this but aint no stoppin’…
When I meet her, we’ll reverse the Willie Lynch doctrine;
the movement’s not an option.

I need a ten with Nefertiti’s allure;
she could be vegan or omnivore,
long as her heart is pure.

I need a Coretta Scott, to invest in my intellectual stock.
I need a Betty Dean, to safeguard my Deen.

I need to convene with a Nubian queen that won’t intervene;
when I meet her, she’ll understand my debt to society…
her wisdom will hold my interest, we’ll invest in society.

I’m looking for that ebony essence to jet by the side of me;
I need a Harriet Tubman with Lauryn Hill writing skills.
She could be fly as Ruby Dee,
long as she’s fierce as Ruby Bridges when it’s time to build.

@StevieStreets #blacklovematters | Melanin Poppin’ revisited

One – One – Nine


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The popular vote doesn’t matter…
Popular opinion doesn’t matter…
For that matter, wake up and wise up.
Yeah… wake up and wise up.
You could pray all day to your gods and your prophets…
it will fall on death ears, the good ol’ U.S.A. is all about the profits.
You pray, they prey; it’s all about the profits…
they turn a blind eye for the profits.
The cost of higher education is sky high…
they’ll leave you drowning in debt while they pool the knowledge.
Ignorance is at an all time high…
I’m not worried about Trump, I’m more concerned about the Social Security Act and the fools behind the electoral college.
From the White House to your State Capitol, it’s all about the capital.
I don’t fear the clown headed towards the Nation’s Capitol,
I’m more concerned with the bills getting passed at the Capitol.
The capitalists on Capitol Hill are writing bills in exchange for capital.
You ain’t know?! The lobbyists pass bills to the Senate and the House…
you could bet your bottom dollar on the Senate and the House;
nah… you better keep you eye on the Senate and the House.
You better level up on the local levels…
stay God Body, and thank Trump for exposing devils.
Sound the alarm, we gotta rise to the occasion on a whole new level.
Life’s like chess, only pawns move abreast…
I’m borderline depressed; ain’t no love in the city – #facts!
And I’m sad cause I know a couple of spades that are still playing Pitty Pat…
actions speak louder than words, they’re plucking my nerves…
too much Tomfoolery and top hats…
too much lip service and very little public service;
they really need to stop that.
I’m glad we voted #noOSD but I’m disappointed in the JQC vote; we really needed to stop that.
One – One – Nine shall be one to remember…
but don’t mind me, I’ll be gone ’til November.
Yeah, I’ll be gone ’til Twenty – Twenty… not fishing; on a mission.
Yeah, I got 20/20 vision…

@StevieStreets #dontmindme | One – One – Nine

A Novel Affair


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we got a thing going on;
just me and my book.

-@StevieStreet #booklove #haiku | A Novel Affair: #readingisthenewsexy, #turnupabook

Books Matter Too


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Let’s fight censorship…
defend the first amendment,
’cause books matter too.

-StevieStreets #LibraryDiaries | Books Matter Too: read banned books

Explore The Stacks


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Let’s explore the stacks!
Look for books from the banned list,
celebrate fREADom.

@StevieStreets #LibraryDiaries | from THE COFFEEHOUSE COLLECTION: Explore The Stacks: read banned books



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Athletes sit down and there’s a public outcry.
Politicians not standing up for justice should be the public outcry.

Unarmed men and women fall victim to those sworn to uphold the law…
civil servants & critics sit on the sidelines.
Athletes take a knee in solidarity to draw attention to the public executions that we all saw…
they’re criticized for sitting on the sidelines.

It’s amazing how the same people that were defending the confederate flag are now concerned with patriotism.
It’s amazing how the same league that didn’t bring athletes out for the national anthem is now concerned with patriotism.

I’m not surprised when justice is not found…
the scales of justice don’t hold no weight, if your skin is black or brown.

This is the same country that planned picnics to go see my people die…
So no; I’m not surprised when I hear echoes of DIE NIGGER! DIE NIGGER! DIE NIGGER! DIE!

They want me to believe that I too am America… but I don’t see why.
No! I don’t see how… I don’t see how they expect me to believe the world’s a better place.
We have Black and Brown people incarcerated at epidemic rates.
We have Black men and women being killed by the police at epidemic rates.

White men that molest children get less time than Black and Brown men that sell drugs in the United States.
White men that rape women get less time than Black and Brown men that fight dogs in the United States.

White men can commit a murder on videotape and never do a day in jail in the United States.
A Black man can get killed with his hands up on videotape…
and before his body is laid to rest, the media will put his character on trial in the United States.

I don’t see how they want me to believe that the times have changed in the United States.
It’s 2016 but it feels like 1958 in America.
I don’t see how we have a bigot as a potential presidential candidate in America.

They’ve been cutting school budgets and privatizing prisons…
but the media won’t relay that to the citizens of America.
The governer is trying take over the schools…
but they’re more concerned with teacher bae in America.

Athletes sit down to stand up for justice and there’s public outcry in America.
Police are killing Black men and women like it’s open season…
yet your eyes are dry America.
We hashtag BLACK LIVES MATTER and they say all lives matter…
aint that America.

Dear America, we hear you…
sweet land of liberty – right?
Equal rights and justice for all…
all but the Blacks and Browns – right?

It’s all about the green…
green eyes and greenbacks – right?
I hope you remember your statue of liberty is brown…
oxidation made it green – right?

Dear America,
the police killings are becoming much too much.
Dear America,
the disparities of justice are much too much.

@StevieStreets #insertnamehere, #itstoomanytoname #poem | #ITSTOOMUCH

Diamond Life Insights: Redefine Your Mind


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A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure. -Henry Kissinger

If you’re going through something, go through it; face your fears, focus, and keep pressing forward. Don’t let the pressure of the process break you; there’s always a process before progress, let your obstacles make you… let ’em make you mentally, physically, and emotionally stronger. If you can’t jump over the hurdles, RUN THROUGH THEM; don’t let trepidation take you off track, don’t fall at the first hurdle. Remember, obstacle courses are designed to enhance your ability. Your stumbling blocks are building you up, let them lead you towards something beautiful. Keep on keeping on, stay the course, the pressure is shaping something beautiful. You are tougher than a diamond, you are as brilliant as a diamond; with laser-sharp focus, you will shine bright like a diamond… THE WORLD IS YOURS, there’s a diamond mine in your mind; if the diamond can make it out of the rough, so can you.

Time tells everything, fire refines gold, pressure makes diamonds and your attitude is the alchemist that makes ordinary moments extraordinary. Imagine how wonderful life would be, if you learned to welcome the pressure. Now practice the power of now and welcome the pressure like the Hope Diamond. Learn to let the jewels of life enrich your heart and enrich your mind and in Godspeed may they transform your soul into a beautiful treasure.

@StevieStreets | Diamond Life Insights: Redefine Your Mind

Side Eye


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She’s nice and lovely…
but her side eye game is mean;
she’ll Aunt Esther you.

I admit, I love…
the infamous attitude
and side eye glances.

She sits quietly…
silently judging, speaking
with side eye sidebars.

That black girl magic
paired with that bold attitude;
nothing more to say.

Where’s #sideeyebae at?
Ms. communicate with looks,
I’m looking for you. 😉

@StevieStreets 😒 #haiku | Side Eye: an ode to LaWanda Page and the infamous black women’s attitude

Instagram, Instamatic


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She’s Instagram Bae,
I’m Kodak Instamatic;
we shared a moment.

She’s IG Ready…
and me – I’m her Classic Man;
we’re picture perfect.

Kodak Moments and…
photographic memories;

She – she became life…
He – he became old man time;
they made history.

Time is illmatic…
Instagram’s Instamatic;
new wave, same fabric.

@StevieStreets #newinstamatic #haiku | Instagram, Instamatic