Thrive on Plant-Based Protein


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for those that ask “what are you doing for protein?”

broccoli has more protein than beef,
don’t ask me what i’m doing for protein?

to say the least, the strongest animals alive thrive on plant-based protein?

the hardest challenge eye’ve faced during Meatless March has been channelling zen in the wake of those that refuse to see the benefits of a moor organic life.

minus a pescatarian cheat-day, our Meatless March Challenge is rooted in planting the seeds to help branch out towards a more natural life.

now that the elephant’s in the room, don’t make me go ape sh!t; quit the monkey business, stop acting like protein-power does not stem from a plant-based life.

how long ’til you stop beefing with the vegans & vegetarians and explore the vegeculture?

if you can’t Go Meatless, consider healing with wholefoods; food is medicine and the next breakthrough in radiant health shall be rooted in urban agriculture.

in the garden of life, a plant-based lifestyle oughta be at the helm of the culture.

@StevieStreets for @vegeculture365 / #vegeculture #moororganic | Thrive on Plant-Based Protein


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February 21, 1965


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February Twenty-First, Nineteen Sixty-Five

The fiery soul of a gallant man was extinguished
Yet the spirit is still alive

As brother Fred Hampton would say:
They can kill the revolutionary
Yet they can’t kill the revolution

In Sixty-Five, they tried to silence the messenger – Malcolm X
Yet his message resounds in 1964 The Black Revolution

It’s been fifty-four years since the political assassination
And the battle cry of freedom still remains in brown eyes

I know what kind of world I’d like to see
Yet why should I lose my identity before the world hears my freedom-cries?

Why should I exercise nonviolence while the strong arm of the law has a chokehold on my brothers and sisters?

If it’s equal rights and justice for all,
Why does the prison industrial complex overtly produce a genocidal gripping on our brothers and sisters?

When is Uncle Sam gonna be charged with violating human rights?

Imagine BLACK LIVES MATTER when the fight for civil rights is expanded to human rights

It’s time for the Black Man to come to the defense of the Black Man;
When the Black Man in this country aids the Black Man in that country
And the Black Man in that country aids the Black Man in this country,
As Black Men unite all around the world,
We’ll have a real revolution

And I ain’t talking that We Shall Overcome,
That is no revolution

“Revolutions will never be won by turning the other cheek!”
As Brother Malcolm used to speak

But don’t mind me;
I just had to take a moment to pay homage to El Haj Malik

@StevieStreets long live #elhajmalikelshabazz #poem | February 21, 1965

of life and lessons


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life and lessons:
you only get one life to live yet you gotta count ya blessings.

nowadays if i’m not engaged in self-talk,
i discourse with those that have returned to the heavens.

arm – leg – leg – arm – head,
da god body gets busy anywhere on god’s green earth
yet most of my friends are resting in heaven.

i rose from hell, i fell from heaven, i’ve been counted out so many times yet they never accounted for the blessings.

god, show me another way, i need another day,
sometimes a brother pray, sometimes a brother prey.
please don’t let me lose my way;
i hear what they never say,
what more could i say?!
in my darkest hour, i visualized a brighter day.
i’m from where the clouds are gray, i need a brighter day;
as the god nas would say:
i need a new n**** for this black cloud to follow
cause while it’s over me it’s too dark to see tomorrow.

@StevieStreets for #thesearemyconfessions #poem | of life and lessons

Prophets > Profits


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When I was poor, I made poor choices.

I’m not wealthy yet I’m the richest I’ve ever been in my life.

I mean, I have a million dollar mindset mainly in part of the generous souls that took time to deposit a little love in my life.

Thumbing through the memory banks of life, it’s safe to say my rich spirit is an accumulation of the wealth of knowledge I received from the voices.

As one may never travel further than one’s thoughts, I’d advise you to pay close attention to the books that you read and the people that you meet.

There’s so much to be gained when you take an interest in others;
As the adage goes: you tend to help yourself each time you help another.

When you consider the human race and withdraw the hate, you’ll see that we’re all sisters and brothers;
If education is the passport from poverty, I just want to minister information to my sisters and brothers.

Once upon a time I caught jewels from those that live life golden,
Now that I’m living life like it’s golden I pay it forward by dropping gems in the street.

For those that listen,
Wisdom cries out to the streets.

I do it for those imprisoned,
Indigo Children, and men and women who wanna make it out of the streets.

Take it from me,
Nothing will change your life faster than the books that you read and the people that you meet.

Would you believe if I told you you are super rich without a red cent?
Yeah it doesn’t make sense like “your life will become more fulfilled when you master the art of needing less” defies your current logic.

Don’t worry, one day it’ll all make sense.
Many moons ago, tryna make a dollar out of fifteen cents had me sitting in the streets tryna make a profit.

I was told if you change your mind, you’ll change your life; I’ve been hooked on books ever since.
For wisdom is worth far more than silver and gold, if you see me sitting in the streets now, I’m tryna hear the prophets.

@StevieStreets #ism #poem | Prophets > Profits

The Strings Tying Us Together (Defining Culture)


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The ARTS tend to bring us together…

Even in a war torn world,
poetry – music – and art would always string together

In the symphony of life,
That little art in heART shall help us heART the ARTS and connect us forever

Although, at times, we may find it hard to string together common ground,
As we orchestrate our differences in the key of life, the culture of us shall resound

As the inclusiveness of the violin, viola, cello, double bass, and harp string together a beautiful sound,
So too shall the diversity of us create harmony

For the strings tying us together shall always be tied to peace – love – and harmony,
the common ground collective shall always be found in the beauty of banding together

My poems are not poems…
Yet my heartstrings strike a chord amongst those that see the beauty in banding together

And I say that to say:
How long must ye single each other out before ye band together?

As the poets put words together,
The musicians bring instruments together,
And the artists blend colors together,
So too must all walks of mankind come together

As dialect is not detected in laughter,
Joy is the instrument that brings forth the cliché “that is music to my ears!”

For how sweet the sound of a foreign dialect,
When love is the universal language and common ground is shared

To become familiar with your neighbor’s traditions and customs is to erase your fears

-StevieStreets #thecultureofus #poem | The Strings Tying Us Together (Defining Culture)



“When we’re defining culture, it’s often about how you can turn something that’s not yours into your own. I always felt that Bach was my music — I lived my whole life living and experiencing this music almost every day. It’s in my skin, it’s in my bones, it’s in my memory – it’s in all my experiences. And I believe that until we stop becoming human, Bach’s music is going to be continually listened to, because of the kind of understanding that he brings to human nature. It is one way that #cultureconnectsus.”

-@yoyoma.official | Prélude to Bach’s Cello Suite No.1 Six Evolutions

Who All Over There? / Alone Not Lonely


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gentle reminder:

Who all over there?
Yeah, I’ll probably slide through…
keyword: “PROBABLY” 🤓

@StevieStreets #introversion #haiku | Who All Over There?


Introvert problems…
I convene with the spirits
Alone not lonely

@StevieStreets #infj #haiku | Alone Not Lonely

Since We’re Talking (Let’s Talk About The Talk)


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Around the time when children learn their ABC’s,
Kids that look like me learn how to survive The New Jim Crow.

I remember when my Grandmother told me:
“Grandson you can’t be outside playing with no toy gun!”

She always feared them boys in blue would come through and shoot me for playing with a toy gun.

I remember learning about police killings while the neighborhood children were playing in the snow.

I remember when my Grandmother told me:
“Look at me boy. And pay close attention.
I know you are young, gifted, and black
But to them
You will always FIT THE DESCRIPTION.”

O how the fear in her eyes pierced my soul…
She feared when I let my hair grow.
She feared when I wore a hoodie.

I remember wondering:
Why is that Black Children can’t wear a ski mask when it’s cold?
Why are Black Men considered militant when we let our hair grow?
How they don’t mistake the white kids for hoodlums when they wear a hoodie?

Yet what I remember most about talking with my Grandmother was her affinity for her people…
Always dressed in black.
I remember the little lady that never took no shorts.
I remember the little lady that taught me to dream BIG.
I remember her wise words.
I remember her convictions.

I remember how Grandma would speak life unto me,
But for the life of me,
I can’t remember discussing the birds and the bees.
Yet I remember “The Talk.”

I remember self-care over welfare…
Nah, I don’t remember the birds and the bees.
Yet I remember many Talks.

O Grandma
I remember when you said:
“In the sixties, over 70% of the world’s dope fiends lived right here in New York.”

I now understand what you meant when you said they’d rather see us dead, addicted, or imprisoned.

Thank you for demanding that I take command of the language
And thirst knowledge.
Who knows who I’d be if you didn’t feed my poetic diction.

My poems are not poems…
My moral compass guides me to draw attention to social injustice, systemic racism, and other afflictions.

@StevieStreets #historyheritageandhumanities #poem | Since We’re Talking (Let’s Talk About The Talk)

Peace to Mark Clark and Fred Hampton


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mourning vibes:

Wasn’t no fear, wasn’t no compromise… -Fred Hampton | #iamarevolutionary #powertothepeople #youcantkilltherevolution

We’d like to take a moment to celebrate the life of Fred Hampton
We invite you to never forget the day that the FBI and Chicago PD murdered Mark Clark and Fred Hampton

Peace to the ancestors, Mark Clark and Fred Hampton


It’s 49 years to date since them pigs played judge – jury – and executioner

Enter Black America anywhere in the United States,
Them pigs are still playing judge – jury – and executioner

O and The Justice Department it’s just a department…
When we gon’ get justice for all the Mark Clark’s and Fred Hampton’s?

They mark us for death like they did Mark Clark and Fred Hampton

Dear White People
In case you missed it
We hashtag black lives matter✊🏾
cause the blind eye of justice is still saying Die Nigger Die!

But don’t mind me
I’m just sick and tired of the Black on Black rhetoric
Our brothers and sisters are doing numbers and them alphabet boys want us to die

Yet there will be no fear,
There will be no compromise

O! All lives matter now huh?
How is it that those sworn to protect and serve only manage to kill Black People?
Why is it that the epidemic incarceration rates seem to be underpopulated with white people?

When we gon’ talk about COINTELPRO and set my FREEDOM FIGHTERS FREE?

There’s way too many Black Panthers still being held as political prisoners
But don’t take it from me
If you know like I know

@StevieStreets #homage #poem | Peace to Mark Clark & Fred Hampton

Peace to The Ancestors


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Peace to the ancestors…
And the black women that birthed nations.
Although our celebratory traditions have nothing to do with the European invasion,
We appreciate this time to commune with friends & family.
Peace to the indigo-children, the matriarchs,
And the ones that convene with the ancestors.
Hope your day was filled with peace, love, and positive vibes.
In the name of history, heritage, and humanities,
I’d be remiss if I didn’t pay homage to the ancestors.

My poems are not poems…
And I say that to say:
There’s so much to be THANKFUL for.
When you’re fully present, you unwrap the gift each day.
Every day is a present
Yet most people never unwrap the gift.
Seize that moment,
Pay no mind to the roadblocks, let your spirit guide the way.
To know is better than to believe,
Through knowledge and understanding the ancestors have paved the way.

As the sun, moon, and stars above,
Your footsteps have been illuminated

by those that have paved the way.

May the fruits of your labor ensure your seeds seeds never need along THE WAY.
As the adage goes:
The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
In all thy getting acquire wisdom,
Once it’s acquired it can’t be taken;
Plus you can take it anywhere you go.

Before I let you go,
I need to know:
Did you hear the one about the rich man and the man without cargo?

A rich man boarded a ship with a vast majority of his riches and illustrious cargo.
A traveling man boarded the ship carrying nothing but an air of confidence.
The ship crashed before the men reached their destination, leaving both men without a cent.
In a moment of clarity,
The rich man was forced to beg for charity while the traveling man increased his wealth.
The rich man had nothing but possessions, the traveling man possessed knowledge of self.

If nothing else,
Forever rich is he who becomes a student and a teacher for he may always find the lessons and alway teach someone else.


@StevieStreets #thankheavens #poem | Peace to The Ancestors

The little BIG Things: All You Need to Seize The Day In The Journey of Life


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“Every day is an opportunity to excel and elevate. Life is like a marathon: you can build endurance on the treadmill; however, you’ll never cross the finish line if you remain stagnant. You have to pound the pavement and press forward – win, lose, or draw – your best days are ahead of you.”@StevieStreets | #seizetheday circa 11/19/2015

To transmute the dream, all you need is accountable action.
Your success is dependent upon the little BIG things;
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step
And the water cuts the rock through persistence.
You cannot finish what you do not start
And you will never finish what you do not complete.
If you plan to be successful, you must first plan to start.
If you want to actually be successful, you must masterfully plan to the end.

The perfect time never arrives,
NOW is always the perfect time to start.
If you want to separate yourself from everyone else,
Always finish what you start.
You do not have to wait until you are the best to think ten steps ahead,
Visionaries possess the ability to see ten steps ahead in view of the fact that they plan all the way to the end.
If you desire to master the discipline of getting things done,
You must always see things through to the end.
There’s only one little thing between you and the finish line,
There’s only one little thing that’s preventing you from achieving your dreams.
If you dare to be successful,
Henceforth, you must do what successful people do.
Your success is contingent upon this one little thing that all successful people do.
To reach your goals and achieve your dreams,
You must be willing to do that one little thing that all successful people do,
You must simply start.
There will never be a day that is greater than today.

Someday is not a day on the calendar,
The most important day of your life is today.
With that being said; ask yourself:
“What are you going to do to be successful, today?
Are you prepared to live your best life, today?”
Then proceed to do what successful people do,
Seize The Day by taking that one step towards the direction of your dreams today.
If you dare to be successful,
You must promise yourself one little big thing today.
If you dare to be successful,
You must vow to never put off until tomorrow that in which you may accomplish today.
There’s only one little thing that can keep you from reaching the finish line,
There’s only one little thing that will keep you from holding fast to your dreams.
If you dare to be successful,
Henceforth, you must become painstakingly persistent.

Your journey to success is contingent upon this one little habit that all successful people exhibit.
To stay the course on your road to success,
You must exercise the powerful habit,
You must be religiously consistent.

There will never be a driving force as unstoppable as determination.
Discipline and dedication are the traits that will fuel your burning desire when the process cannot be fathomed as progress.
Are you prepared to continue firmly in the face of adversity,
To achieve your goals?
Are you prepared to press forward and remain poised while under pressure,
To achieve your goals?
If you desire to live your best life,
Trust the process and remember without pressure the diamond is just a chunk of coal.

If you dare to be successful,
You must persistently pursue your goals.
If you dare to be successful,
You must vow to stay the course until you reach your goal.
If you dare to be successful,
You must emulate the water that persistently pressures the rock,
If you expect to break through those hard times in pursuit of your goals.

In the journey of life,
Neither talent nor brute power will ensure a successful journey.
In the journey of life,
The power of habit is the one little thing that will give you the competitive edge throughout the journey.
In the journey of life,
Persistence is the Godspeed and the godsend that alchemizes ordinary men into extraordinary men throughout journey.

The ability to persist is paramount to your ability to exist amidst the journey.
The impossible is made possible by those who persist and resist the urge to quit amid the journey.
Those who possess the preoccupation to persist shall always tenaciously trek forward.
Those that refuse to quit will always transcend the journey.
When you learn to walking your destiny, going the extra mile becomes merely another step in journey.

@StevieStreets #roadtosuccess #insights | The Little Big Things: All You Need to Seize the Day in the Journey of Life circa 11/19/2017