Hashtag Black Panther


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Now that everyone is talkin’ ‘bout the black panther movie…


Can we talk about the Black Panther Party for Self Defense?


Can I get a Power to the People Forever?

Can you grip your fingers together

And raise a clenched-fist, one time, for Bobby and Huey?


Can we free our Political Prisoners

And arm our brothers & sisters with legal defense?


Now that everyone is talkin’ ‘bout the black panther movie…


May I advise, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised?



Would it be ill-advised to surmise Black Revolutionaries beyond a movie?

When we gon’ realize Black Buying Power beyond the opening week of a movie?


Can we get all the brothers & sisters in the streets struggling to come together?

Can we build our own homes,

Give our brothers & sisters a loan,

And open our own grocery stores?

Can you call upon the ancestors

And answer the call to support those that look like you and yours?

Can we teach unity,

Build our own communities,

And mandate Black Dollars Matter Forever?


Now that everyone is talkin’ ‘bout the black panther movie…

When we gon’ realize the world ain’t nothing but a B Movie?

And someone’s always comin’ to save the day in the B Movie.


The Revolution Will Not Be Televised…

No one is coming to save the day,

It’s not a movie!


My Freedom Fighters Ain’t Free,

The leaders of the Free World don’t move me.


When I talk about The Panthers, I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout the movie.

Yet I can draw parallels between The Movement and the movie.


Melanin is supercharged with sun energy,

Antagonists try to claw the Mali vibes from our cranium.

Sorta like Klaue when it comes to vibranium,

They aim to antagonize and drain our energy.


Let’s talk about synergy…

our kinetics are Kemetic,

The Panthers mobilized a united front in every major city.


In the spirit of FREE ANGELA;


In every major city?


Now that everyone is talkin’ ‘bout the black panther movie…


Can we FREE THE PANTHERS that fought for our way of life in the sixties?


Can we bring our Political Refugees home?

Can we talk about how many Panthers died at the hands of the FBI in the sixties?


May I ask why my brothers & sisters were incarcerated when they opposed hatred?

Why we still got brothers & sisters detained for joining the fight equal rights in sixties?


How did you forget about YOU and YOURS?

How we gon’ smash box office records,

Yet fail to break open prison doors?




Can we scale the walls of justice and SET OUR PEOPLE FREE?


May I ask how many of our Panthers are still caged in penitentiaries?

Can you explain to me: Why our Freedom Fighters Ain’t Free?


Tell me: How can we smash box office records,

Yet fail to break open those prison doors?

When did you forget about YOU and YOURS?


If what’s good for the goose is good for the gander,

When you gonna see past the propaganda?


If we can contribute to smashing box office records,

Can we start a collective to build Black owned Banks and Grocery Stores?


If you can contribute to smashing box office records,

Why you can’t contribute to building better schools for YOU and YOURS?



When you gonna back Black Filmmakers and stop begging Hollywood for better images of YOU and YOURS?


Now that everyone is talkin’ ‘bout the black panther movie…


When we gonna talk about the Black Panther Party for Self Defense?

When we gon’ smash those prison doors or get our Freedom Fighters some legal defense?


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Quit Your Sh*t America


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I don’t care to hear about his adopted parents b

It’s apparent to me, this country could care less about a child having a mother or a father

Apparently, you keep forgetting who’s the true terrorists in this country

Need I remind you, you kidnapped my ancestors
Raped my mother and castrated my father

Quit your sh*t America

Seventeen people were taken away from mothers and fathers

Fourteen students will never have the opportunity to become mothers and fathers

Quit your sh*t America

Why are you reporting about this coward’s adopted mother and father?!

I’m lost. Why do we give a sh*t about the loss
of this mass murderer’s adopted mother and father?

Is that a segue to adopting new gun laws?

Are you diverting the attention towards mental health care in lieu of tougher gun laws?

Oh, I get it… You’re attempting to decriminalize You and Yours

Funny how the confines of the law never seem to confine all of y’all

And by all of y’all I’m referring to those of y’all that exclaim all lives matter,

those of y’all that exclaim the opioid crisis is a medical matter,

those of y’all that try to paint these mass murders as victims of a mental health matter

Expletive – expletive all of y’all,
I got an epithet of expletives to address all of y’all

Quit your sh*t America, I am utterly appalled

For centuries terrorism has been cloaked in white sheets
With a slight southern drawl

Yet y’all wanna build a wall and stonewall questions about Guantanamo Bay

I am utterly appalled, I don’t know what else to say…
Terrorism is homegrown in the U – S – of – A

@StevieStreets #parkland #poem | Quit Your Sh*T America

Trust The Process


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Slumdog Millionaire status…
what goes around comes back around again.

Success is like a carrot,
the growth begins on the bottom
yet everyone wants to be on top.

Success does not come from the spotlight,
success comes from preparedness in the dark.

Everyone has this idea of what success looks like
yet few understand the inner workings of growth
and even fewer prepare to win.

There’s always a process before progress…

Everything you’ve been through has prepared you to win,

Everything you’re going through is preparing you to win.

Experience is the best teacher, trust the process.

What is meant to be will be;

In the meantime, study the ant – emulate the bee.

Take small steps and work diligently.

Remember, the power of habit is a powerful habit.

If excellence is an attitude, success is a habit.

Get familiar with preparation and persistence;

if you dare to be successful, you must first become acquainted with successful habits.

@StevieStreets ism sonnet | Trust The Process

Life Has Comedic Timing


The T in Timing is greater than the T in Talent…

the totality of life is mathematic:

everything is everything,

as long at one plus one equals two, you’ll always get your due.

Everything comes back full circle,

don’t ask me why; you don’t wanna know the half.

fb’s on this day reminded me about the time I volunteered at the boys and girls club

as I took a break from writing a proposal for the Y; all I could is laugh.

As the adage goes

“I’m not aware of too many things,

I know what I know, if you what I mean.”

Insight is a beautiful sight;

everything you need is already within you yet that remains to be seen.

They say everything in due time

yet life has comedic timing.

What goes around comes back around again;

all I could say is trust the process,

master your minutes,

and remember as long as your heart’s beating, it’s all about timing.

@StevieStreets | Life Has Comedic Timing

Kinky Tresses


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I’m a sucker for kinky tresses
and tight dresses.

I’m mesmerized by the scent of coconut oil
and women that are loyal.

If you rock bantu knots or a twistout,
woman I adore you. 😍😍

Yeah – I’m a sucker for kinky tresses
and tight dresses.

@StevieStreets #wcw #poem | Kinky Tresses: an ode to that ol’ black girl magic



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I’m not asking about your name or where you are from.
I’m not asking about your occupation or the things you have done.
I’m asking: Who Are You?

The most important words that you shall ever speak will immediately proceed the phrase I AM;
so I repeat: Who Are You?

What kind of self-image are you painting? – Do you draw conclusions? – Where do you draw inspiration from? – What kind of self-image are you painting?

Are you kind to yourself? – What kind of thoughts are you thinking? – Do you know life and death lie in the power of the tongue? – Are you kind in your self-talk? – What kind of thoughts are you thinking?

I’m asking: Who Are You?

Who do you think you are? – Who are you? – Tell me who you think you are?

What makes you who are? – Who are you? – Tell me what makes you who are?

Can you tell me who you are? – Who are you? – Tell me who you are?

I don’t know how well you know yourself; I don’t know if you ever thought about who you are…
Nevertheless, I pose the question “Who are you?” to draw you closer to who you are. – Do you see who you are?

I don’t know if we’re the sum total of our thoughts; who knows if your mental lexicon defines who you are…
What I know for sure is the meaning of life is revealed to those that discover who they are. – Do you know who you are?

They say one can never travel beyond one’s thoughts; if so, you better keep your thinking up to par…
One thing’s for certain, you won’t go far without a conscious mind – keep that in mind – from this time on, get to know thyself – you deserve to know who you are. – Do you think about who you are?

@StevieStreets #subconscious #sonnet | from THE BOOK OF QUESTIONS: WHO ARE YOU? (An Ode to I AM)

Changing The Narrative


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Change the narrative…
Speak less of who you were, speak more of who you are.
Think about the plot twist – you got this! – your ability to articulate the divinity within will make you a star.
Change the narrative.

Change the narrative.
Take the band-aids off, open your heart, let the world see your scars.
Speak of those defining moments, there’s no shame in the pain; tell the world, the things that break you make you who you are.
Change the narrative.

Teach the boys and girls how the lowest moments in life prepared you to reach for the stars.
Teach the boys and girls how you acquired emotional intelligence from being emotionally scarred.
Teach the boys and girls why everything you’ve been through has made you everything you are.

Speak life; plant seeds of wisdom in the youth, help the boys and girls grow.
Speak life; teach the youth to live and let die, preach the power of letting go.
Speak life, even if it kills you to speak your truth; you must know, everything you’ve been through has been preparing you for everywhere you must go.

@StevieStreets #youarenotyourcircumstances #sonnet | Changing The Narrative

A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on her own wings. Always believe in yourself! -Unknown

You are not defined by your circumstances.
You have the ability to defy your circumstances.

You have to keep an eye on your choices, your chances.
You will be refined via your choices, your chances.

Under no circumstances will I allow to think quitting is a choice, you will not squander your chances.

Under the circumstances, you will make better choices and prepare for better chances.

Stand firm in your decisions, walk in your purpose, don’t leave it to happenstance.

In the journey of life, you must step up, you cannot live a purpose driven life by happenstance.

Change your mind – change your life, it’s that simple at a glance.

To be or not to be is a choice, just be careful with that choice, you only have one life to live and NOW is your chance.

@StevieStreets #defyingtheodds #poem | Under No Circumstances

Penury and Affluence


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Penury and affluence are products of the mind. Focus on your abilities, utilize the resources within your reach. Give 100% in all your efforts; the journey of 1,000 miles begins with 1 step, keep moving forward by all means.

Believe in yourself; the helping hand you seek is often at the end of your own arm.

Become a student; learn from everyone and everything, stand on the shoulder of giants. Leverage your resources; build upon everything you have and build with everyone you know, experience is the best teacher.

Develop a daily mantra; tell yourself “I AM THE GREATEST” for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Consume an I Think I Can Attitude; tell yourself “I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN” until you Know You Can! You Can Do It! And You Will Do It! Become a champion in your mind, you have to know you’re the greatest when no one else knows you’re the greatest.

Condition your mind to conquer fear; action alleviates doubt, ACT AS IF YOU COULD NOT FAIL. There’s a seed of knowledge in each failure; find it and every loss becomes a win.

Practice the art of MIND OVER MATTER; you can do anything you set your mind to, think and grow rich with discipline, dedication, and determination.

Practice THE POWER OF NOW; never put off for tomorrow, that in which you can accomplish today. Treat each moment as life and death; the perfect time never arrives, all you have is Now and within the moment Now is gone forever. TIME IS LIFE; Master Your Minutes, Now is the time and the hour MAKE EVERYONE SECOND COUNT!

Expect the unexpected then go out and do the impossible. Imagination is better than knowledge; tell yourself “Difficult, Not Impossible” then envision the extra ordinary. Your mind is extraordinary; the eye of the Lord is upon you. There’s jewels within your mind’s eye; if you can conceive it, you can achieve it!

Condition your mind for endurance; become mentally cross fit, ALWAYS GO THE EXTRA MILE. Prepare to conquer life like you’re conditioning for track & field. Treat each objective like your competing in Speed and Distance, treat each obstacle like you’re facing 100m hurdles. Opportunities are always available to those who a prepared to meet them; success is often awarded to those who maintained the stamina after enthusiasm waned. Persistence pays; the trouble is you prepare for the sprint, and life is like a marathon.

Condition your mind to maintain peace; become emotionally intelligent. Learn to maintain the peace you manifest within without disturbance from the noise that surrounds you. Develop a poker face; learn when to hold and when to fold. You may not control the cards that are dealt your way; but you do have the power to play your hand. Life is a lot like poker; it’s not about the cards on the table, it’s more or less about the player with the cards. Keep your cool at all times; act on reason, never make a decision based on emotions. Exercise acceptance; fold when you need to cut your losses early. Exercise stillness; hold when you need to let your resources develop. Exercise peace; play your high card when the chips are not falling your way. When all else fails, remember Penury and Affluence are products of the mind.

@StevieStreets | Penury and Affluence circa January 16, 2015

More Malcolm than Martin


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Concerning nonviolence, it is criminal to teach a man not to defend himself when he is the constant victim of brutal attacks. -Malcolm X

I am the darker brother
exclaimed Langston

Listen, Black America…
I’m more MALCOLM than MARTIN
same color, different hues.

They killed both brothers;
albeit different views.

The nonviolent
died violently.

The Jim Crow defiant
died violently.

couldn’t silence me.

Ghandi was a bigot,
Malcolm had a little more faith,
y’all better stop dreaming and stay woke.

I don’t want no pie in the sky,
the all-seeing eye won’t seal my fate;
the only God they trust is inscribed Federal Notes.

Thee American Dream is a hoax,
they still don’t want me to vote;
my neighborhood consists of liquor store – traphouse – storefront church,
I guess hope is the new dope.

Why they wanna sell me inebriate dreams of tomorrow,
while they live their dreams today
and I succumb to sorrow?

Explain to me why is it so easy for society to witness injustice everyday,
yet equal rights and justice are always coming on the morrow?

I wonder how people that look like me
are considered to be the minority
yet somehow we comprise the incarcerated majority?

I wonder why MLK day is the only public holiday dedicated to a minority?

Why we don’t dedicate holidays to the El-Hajj Malik’s and Fannie Lou’s of society?

Why do they extract brothers like Mumia and Dr. York from society?

I have a dream… and I pray I live to see the day when Sundiata, Mutulu, and Jamil Abdullah are paid retributions and returned to society.

I have a dream… that one day Assata, Kathleen, and Angela will be awarded for their contributions to society.

I have a dream… that one day names like Herman Wallace, Fred Hampton, and Mark Clark will resonate with society.

I have a dream… that women like Afeni, Mary Johnson Lowe, and Ruby Bridges are celebrated for their contributions to society.

I mean…
Why is Malcolm hated?
Why is Martin celebrated?
Why is the alpha Black Male castrated?
Where would we be if Harriet never made it?

@StevieStreets #publicholiday #poem | More Malcolm than Martin

Reading is the New Sexy


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How could you expect someone to be committed to a relationship,
if they’re not committed to reading? 🤓

I need a woman who loves recreational reading as much as she loves breathing. 📚

When I really want to get to know a woman,
I listen to her playlists and read her favorite books.

I don’t care if she sends me sweet text messages;
morning – noon – and night,
if there’s no texture, no depth.

I need texture, I need depth,
I need something more than looks.

I’m looking for the girl whose face is blocked by a book.

If reading is the new sexy,
I know book bae is buried in a book. 📚😍

Nothing makes me feel more alive
than discourse with a woman that loves books.

I like ’em afro bloomin’ with the melanin poppin’,
#turnupabook tee, #readmore button rockin’.

I’m looking for the woman who’s referring to the bookstore
when she exclaims “let’s go shopping!”

I need a well read black girl that’s not afraid to write her name in the sky.

When I exclaim THE BOOK IS BETTER,
the love of my life would already know why.

I’m the type of guy to take an awkward black girl around way.

I need an around the way girl; if I may say.

If reading is the new sexy,
I want a girl that hashtags books are bae.

@StevieStreets #blackgirlsread slash #prettygirlsread #poem | Reading is the New Sexy