God Energy


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My poems are not poems,
Don’t get it confused, these ain’t just lyrics.
I convene with the ancient spirits.

Wisdom cries out to the Streets,
If you quiet the noise, you could hear it.

When you mind your own, you’ll find the Divine in your own.

You could search in temples, churches, and mosques and never find your way home.

When you walk in faith rather than sight, you commence to see God’s presence in everything.

If you can comprehend the transcendental vibes, you know ENERGY IS EVERYTHING.

If you don’t recognize the power within, I suggest you become acquainted with the arts.

I’m anticipating, you’ll see the correlation between creation and art.

If you can’t see the God matter between your temples, you’ll never discover the Divine that dwells in your heart.

I suggest you act on reason not emotion,
Why do you think the brain is above the heart?

But don’t mind me,
You were given one mouth and two ears and most tend to listen not.

What do I know?!
I’m just an introvert in a world that talks a lot.

Nah, I’m not antisocial,
SELF-TALK is the best talk,
I tend to talk to God a lot.

@StevieStreets #ism | God Energy


Poem in A Pocket Day Ode


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It’s poem in your pocket day;
Celebrate by carrying a poem to share with others today.
Give the gift of poetry, don’t get out of pocket.

Start a poems for pockets giveaway.
Distribute pocket-sized verses to senior centers or nursing homes.
GO TO THE LIBRARY, memorize a poem.
EXPLORE THE STACKS, discover 811 [eight-one-one] today.

poetry is allowed,

A-B-B-A A-B-B-A C-D-E C-D-E,
If you love the art.

A-B-B-A A-B-B-A C-D-E C-D-E,
One time for Petrarch.

A-B-B-A A-B-B-A C-D-E C-D-E,
For the little song in your heart.

@StevieStreets #sonnet | Poem in Your Pocket Day Ode

Not My Starbucks


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I’m not boycotting Starbucks,
My Starbucks is fine.

I’ve experienced more racism
From my own kind.

Boycott Starbucks for what?!

George Zimmerman is alive,
Yet them stray bullets hit them children in the corner store while they were waiting in line.

Starbucks has been offering tuition reimbursements and health coverage to part-time employees for years.

Part-time Government employees do not receive benefits,
Black Owned Businesses openly state they hate doing business with Black People,
Yet, I’m supposed stop going Starbucks in view of the fact of one individual’s ignorance?
Dafuq outta here.

Starbucks fosters inclusion and community,
My Starbucks gives the neighborhood an extra shot of good;
Nah, I’m not boycotting Starbucks,
My Starbucks is fine.

My Starbucks creates a culture of belonging.
My Starbucks is more than a cup of joe in the morning.
My Starbucks is an atmosphere, those other coffee shops are boring.

Don’t get me wrong. What happened at that Starbucks left me utterly appalled.

The electoral college abandoned all common sense,
We got an idiot in the White House eschewing diplomacy – dispersing hate
And I have yet to see subsequent remedial measures to repudiate the President from any of y’all.

How you gon’ accept the Buy Black Challenge,
When you couldn’t stand with Kap?
Take that – take that – take that;
I know it’s a hard pill to swallow,
Better Venti – Grande – Tall.
Oh you mad
‘Cause two innocent Black Men were arrested?
Yet you’re happy because Black Panther is still doing numbers.
I know I’m different,
I’m mad ‘cause Black Panthers are still doing numbers.
Social media got y’all woke?
Nah, y’all sleep walking.
Hashtag this, hashtag that, keep talking.
I did not lose no sleep over this Starbucks issue,
We got bigger issues.
This chump is talking about building a wall
And our Freedom Fighters are still behind the wall.
Flint still got dirty water
But the hashtag ain’t trending now
So y’all forget about that water crisis thing in Michigan now.
Nah, I’m not boycotting Starbucks,
I can’t with y’all.

@StevieStreets #poem | Not My Starbucks


Reclaiming My Energy


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I’m reclaiming my energy:
Welcoming good vibes only,
Distancing myself
From anything and anyone
That attempts to drain me of my energy.

You could catch me walking on sunshine,
Radiating peace, love, and positive vibes,
Amplifying my melanin,
Rejuvenating neath the radiance of yellow sun’s energy.

These days I’m moving in love and light,
Choosing peace over the need to be right.

I’m just tryna stay sucka free,
The theatre is the only drama I need in my life.

I just wanna stay close to the one’s that feel like sunlight;
beautiful souls light my soul,
I need that kind of energy.

I’m lighting the sage,
Balancing my chakras,
Reclaiming my time,
And protecting my energy.

In the battlefield of the mind, I’m a soldier of love
And ego is the enemy;
Don’t mind me, I’m jus’ living in the light,
Fighting demons,
Channeling peace,
And welcoming the god energy.

I just wanna live my best life,
Emit positive vibes,
And give off good energy.

All I need is peace of mind
And a lil chemistry;
If you live life like it’s golden,
I welcome your energy.

Ms. 398.2 (three-ninety-eight-point-two), where are you?
I need your synergy.

Love is an antidepressant
And the magic in her eyes compels me to reclaim my energy.

As Donny Hathaway serenades:
I love you in a place where there’s no place or time,
You could catch me gallivanting through the galaxy
Riding on shooting stars,
Sliding down rainbows,
And chasing waterfalls
Just to be in the midst of love’s light.

The girl has given me joy;
She walked into my life with eyes like a wishing star,
9 ether features,
And food for thought as beneficial as daylight.

Love is like a melanated queen,
Dancing with the ancestors,
Manifesting the Elohim.

It’s a beautiful thing, this thing called life:
Beauty is her name
For it is she that has taught me to appreciate the beauty in all things.

For it is the best of times and the worst of times
That are reminiscent of the rose and it’s thorn.

Life is no bed of roses,
Yet, wisdom appears like morning dew on the lawn.

If poetry has taught me anything,
I have learned to speak the languages of love
And deflect negative energy.

@StevieStreets #poem | Reclaiming My Energy

Hello April


Well, hello April!
Shall we continue this fling?
We’ll always have spring…

@StevieStreets | from THE SPRING COLLECTION: Hello April



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April celebrates poetry and jazz
Peace to the #poets talkin’ all that jazz

We appreciate the cultural heritage of Congo Square
Peace to the ancestors that gathered there

I say jazz is poetry and poetry is jazz
Peace to the scribes and the vibes, it’s all spiritual

Ase! Jazz is poetry and poetry is jazz
Peace to the Jazz Age, the New Negro Movement, and the brave new voices that continue to perform the rituals

It is the duty of the poets and writers to carry on the tradition

Art defines culture,
I am the dream and the hope of the slave
My heart blood bleeds for Black Bards and Black Musicians

Peace to the blerds and those that deserve honorable mention

This is for the Chitlin Circuit hoofers, playwrights, authors, poets, and jazz musicians
Peace to the ancestors that brought Black Arts into fruition

I got rhythm, I got rhymes
I dance to the beat of a different drum
I’m so seven eighty one point six five (781.65) and eight one one (811)
My dewey deserves an honorable mention

My poems are not poems
For those that pay attention,
This is the coda for the invisible poets and silenced musicians

This is a 30/30 challenge to discover those that the history books failed to mention

April celebrates jazz and poetry
Explore the stacks, frequent the call numbers that were previously mentioned

Write a poem, learn an instrument
Do The Write Thing, Do The Read Thing if you dare

Tell the world “Hip Hop is American Poetry” if you dare

Go to a spoken word event,
Purchase your friend’s poetry book this year

Go to that jazz concert,
Donate to that jazz station this year

Teach someone to read and write, if you care
Pay homage to those that died so you could read and write
FIND YOUR TRIBE, support Black Open Markets
Remember Congo Square

Recognize the rich history of When the Saints Go Marching In
Put A Poem In Your Pocket
Use your voice when the media gets out of pocket

Once again, April celebrates jazz and poetry
The End

@StevieStreets #JazzAppreciationMonth slash #NationalPoetryMonth #poem | JAZZ and POETRY

Trust The Magic: Black Magic, Love, and other Charms


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The only magic I still believe in is love…
Ms. three ninety-eight point two, where are you?
I frequent bookstores and libraries in search of you.
Stop me before I fall down the rabbit hole of love.

Gimme your love, gimme your love.

Don’t make me pull a rabbit out the hat,
Let me get lost in the magic in your eyes.
I got a thing for Black Girl hips and chocolate thighs.

Like a dove from a top hat,
You’re such a beautiful surprise.
I see you living life like it’s golden with them diamond eyes.

As the stars up above, your eyes shimmer of love.
I’m talkin’ forehead kisses and tight hugs,
White rose petals, cocoa butter back rubs.

I was through with love then – abracadabra – you appeared:
afro bloomin’ with flowers in your hair,
Hershey’s Kiss skin dipped in a tight sundress with the bookish eyewear.

In my darkest hour, the warmth of your smile was like a breath of fresh air…
On starry nights I wanna sit by the café terrace and adore the moonlight in your hair.
I know why the songbird sings but why do birds suddenly appear?

I’m cuckoo for the juju, the hoodoo is lulu…
What are these strange emotions that I’m feeling?
What is this love you speak of? Help me understand.
Put your hand in my hand, lay your head on my chest,
Listen to my heart neath the silent night’s air.

Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me,
I wanna be the sweet nothings in your ear;
Like sleight of hand, I don’t wanna know my hand from your hand,
Let me put a ring on that finger right there.

Why do I get butterflies whenever you are near?
Why did Pablo write Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair?
Love is an antidepressant, I swear.

In the shadows of my mind, you are always there;
Please tell me what keeps you on my mind.

Did you put a spell on me? Tell me you’re something magical;
That Black Girl Magic got me losin’ my mind,
This kind of  voodoo is hard to find.

Could this be love? I want to taste of your lips like wine…

The magnetism of your ism got this hopeless romantic hoping to turn two into one this time.

I need to turn this magic moment into a couple of forevers this time.

@StevieStreets #ibelieveinmagic #poem | Trust The Magic: black magic, love, and other charms

Bookshop Love revisited


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To the cutie in the cafe reading The Coldest Winter Ever,
Sipping Seattle’s Best;
I like BIG BOOKS and I cannot lie,
your smile is the warmest ever…

This is dedicated to my bookshop love:
My I heart Borders Bookstore girl
The cutie in college working at the bookstore by night
My chocalate kiss exoticness
Ms. R&B and Urban Fiction are the only addictions in my life

This is dedicated to the one that introduced me to Save Room by John Legend
The Dutch Trilogy collection
The bestseller’s list in Essence
This is for the book lover that inspired me to start a book club reminiscent of Black Expressions
Oh how I adore my bookshop love

This is for my bookshop beauty:
My adorable around the way girl
The cutie in the café reading The Coldest Winter Ever
Sipping Seattle’s Best, her smile is the warmest ever

This dedicated to melanated goddess that finds solace in the bookstore
That afro bloomin’ wit’ the melanin poppin’ knowledge of self droppin’ kind that you can always find in the bookstore
This is for the under-celebrated, highly educated woman that I adore
Before we put this one in the books, I had to take a moment to say te amo, mi amor
Oh how I my bookshop beauty

For the love of books, music, and movies
Blessed be the day that I met my bookshop beauty
This is an ode to the blerd and the beautiful
From yours truly
I’m a fan of the well read black girl
And I got a thing for discourse that takes course with “THE BOOK WAS BETTER THAN THE MOVIE”
This was written to show my bookshop love some love
turn up a book and do the read thing, show a black woman some love
Get a library card, buy a black woman a book
Show a bookshop beauty some love 😍😍📚

Books come in all colors
Yet, I fell for the girl reading black books at the bookstore
Peace, One Love

@StevieStreets #inasentimentalmood #poem | Bookshop Love revisited

Hashtag Black Panther


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Now that everyone is talkin’ ‘bout the black panther movie…


Can we talk about the Black Panther Party for Self Defense?


Can I get a Power to the People Forever?

Can you grip your fingers together

And raise a clenched-fist, one time, for Bobby and Huey?


Can we free our Political Prisoners

And arm our brothers & sisters with legal defense?


Now that everyone is talkin’ ‘bout the black panther movie…


May I advise, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised?



Would it be ill-advised to surmise Black Revolutionaries beyond a movie?

When we gon’ realize Black Buying Power beyond the opening week of a movie?


Can we get all the brothers & sisters in the streets struggling to come together?

Can we build our own homes,

Give our brothers & sisters a loan,

And open our own grocery stores?

Can you call upon the ancestors

And answer the call to support those that look like you and yours?

Can we teach unity,

Build our own communities,

And mandate Black Dollars Matter Forever?


Now that everyone is talkin’ ‘bout the black panther movie…

When we gon’ realize the world ain’t nothing but a B Movie?

And someone’s always comin’ to save the day in the B Movie.


The Revolution Will Not Be Televised…

No one is coming to save the day,

It’s not a movie!


My Freedom Fighters Ain’t Free,

The leaders of the Free World don’t move me.


When I talk about The Panthers, I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout the movie.

Yet I can draw parallels between The Movement and the movie.


Melanin is supercharged with sun energy,

Antagonists try to claw the Mali vibes from our cranium.

Sorta like Klaue when it comes to vibranium,

They aim to antagonize and drain our energy.


Let’s talk about synergy…

our kinetics are Kemetic,

The Panthers mobilized a united front in every major city.


In the spirit of FREE ANGELA;


In every major city?


Now that everyone is talkin’ ‘bout the black panther movie…


Can we FREE THE PANTHERS that fought for our way of life in the sixties?


Can we bring our Political Refugees home?

Can we talk about how many Panthers died at the hands of the FBI in the sixties?


May I ask why my brothers & sisters were incarcerated when they opposed hatred?

Why we still got brothers & sisters detained for joining the fight equal rights in sixties?


How did you forget about YOU and YOURS?

How we gon’ smash box office records,

Yet fail to break open prison doors?




Can we scale the walls of justice and SET OUR PEOPLE FREE?


May I ask how many of our Panthers are still caged in penitentiaries?

Can you explain to me: Why our Freedom Fighters Ain’t Free?


Tell me: How can we smash box office records,

Yet fail to break open those prison doors?

When did you forget about YOU and YOURS?


If what’s good for the goose is good for the gander,

When you gonna see past the propaganda?


If we can contribute to smashing box office records,

Can we start a collective to build Black owned Banks and Grocery Stores?


If you can contribute to smashing box office records,

Why you can’t contribute to building better schools for YOU and YOURS?



When you gonna back Black Filmmakers and stop begging Hollywood for better images of YOU and YOURS?


Now that everyone is talkin’ ‘bout the black panther movie…


When we gonna talk about the Black Panther Party for Self Defense?

When we gon’ smash those prison doors or get our Freedom Fighters some legal defense?


@StevieStreets #blackpanther #poem | Hashtag Black Panther


Quit Your Sh*t America


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I don’t care to hear about his adopted parents b

It’s apparent to me, this country could care less about a child having a mother or a father

Apparently, you keep forgetting who’s the true terrorists in this country

Need I remind you, you kidnapped my ancestors
Raped my mother and castrated my father

Quit your sh*t America

Seventeen people were taken away from mothers and fathers

Fourteen students will never have the opportunity to become mothers and fathers

Quit your sh*t America

Why are you reporting about this coward’s adopted mother and father?!

I’m lost. Why do we give a sh*t about the loss
of this mass murderer’s adopted mother and father?

Is that a segue to adopting new gun laws?

Are you diverting the attention towards mental health care in lieu of tougher gun laws?

Oh, I get it… You’re attempting to decriminalize You and Yours

Funny how the confines of the law never seem to confine all of y’all

And by all of y’all I’m referring to those of y’all that exclaim all lives matter,

those of y’all that exclaim the opioid crisis is a medical matter,

those of y’all that try to paint these mass murders as victims of a mental health matter

Expletive – expletive all of y’all,
I got an epithet of expletives to address all of y’all

Quit your sh*t America, I am utterly appalled

For centuries terrorism has been cloaked in white sheets
With a slight southern drawl

Yet y’all wanna build a wall and stonewall questions about Guantanamo Bay

I am utterly appalled, I don’t know what else to say…
Terrorism is homegrown in the U – S – of – A

@StevieStreets #parkland #poem | Quit Your Sh*T America