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You may rise above thought
or you may drown in sorrows

You may enjoy the presence of today
or be consumed by the yesterdays and tomorrows

Anxiousness is like fighting the waves,
stillness is like learning to float

Meditation is the art of surfing brain waves,
anger is the madness that rocks the boat

You must learn to cope with anger:
you must master the art of removing the antigens of worry and fear;
you must become the curator of the mental images exhibited in your mental space

You must learn to disengage from dysfunction:
you must master the art of nothingness;
you must learn to free yourself from your mind,
you must learn to draw upon emptiness to open your mind,
you must learn to clear your mind, to illuminate a better mental space

You must learn to surrender:
you must understand, surrendering does not mean the absence of action;
to totally surrender is to become non-resistant to all that is in the moment

You must learn to find peace through acceptance:
you must understand, acceptance does not mean the presence of agreement;
to totally accept is to be fully aware of all that is in the moment

You must learn to master your emotions

Emotional Intelligence is like a bridge over troubled waters

Worry. Anger. Fear:
they are the toxins of thought,
the ethos of high anxiety,
the wellsprings of displaced emotions

Letting your thoughts drift towards worry, anger, and fear is like throwing stones at troubled waters

Worrying disables your well-being;
you must learn to let the things you can’t control lift you like a kite in the wind

When you learn to go with the flow,
you’ll begin to understand the kite defies gravity by accepting the push of the wind

Enlightenment is a process,
the teacher was once the beginner

You may be consumed by fear
or you may be consumed by freedom;
same pool, different swimmer

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