Happy Place


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close your eyes. breathe deep.
envision your happy place.
do you feel the peace?

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find your happy place.
feed your soul and clean your mind.
declutter your life.

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COVID Chronicles vol. 1


It feels like I’m dying, as I struggle to breathe and grasp what’s important.

It feels like a massive panic attack and swift hit to the organs.

As my heart is filled with rage, this sharp pain in my ribcage leads me to believe it’ll be easier to stop breathing.

They say to everything there’s season, so I fret not the time nor the hour.

What angers me the most is how quick someone else’s blatant disregard for life has robbed me of my power.

I mean, my mother and I have followed protocol and adhered to everything to reduce risk

yet here we are, still at risk.

Yeah, I try to move in love and light yet my heart’s been dark since the day I was robbed of peace of mind.

Perhaps I am still haunted from wiping Grandma’s tears in ’89.

Perhaps I’m too cold-hearted to pretend like everything is fine.

Perhaps this high fever got me too hot yet what I know for sure is I am not fine.

There’s no New Year Cheer this year, I’ve been in and out of deep sleeps with the shakes and shivers.

Still remember my Grandmother telling me “All of a man’s values must lie within his family”

yet what am I to do when I’m surrounded by ignorant niggers?

@StevieStreets | COVID Chronicles, vol. 1

Her Love Language was Trauma


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See, he spoke healing.
Her love language was trauma,
She chose not to heal.

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I stopped time for her.
She used me as a timepass
Yet time passes by.

@StevieStreets #haiku | Timepass

Matters of The Heart


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Matters of the heart:
The way she made me love her 
Then ripped me apart.

@StevieStreets #haiku | Matters of The Heart

Goodbye Love


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Though we’ve come so far
And I won’t give up on you,
I’m saying goodbye.

@StevieStreets #haiku | Goodbye Love

searching for one’s self


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searching for one’s self?

the answers are not out there.

why not look within?

@StevieStreets #haiku | searching for one’s self

I See The Evils


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There’s a war going on outside, no man is safe from.

Chemical warfare got the government out here tryna calcify pineal glands with fluoride

And too many of our brothers and sisters lack the knowledge of self to protect the God Body that compels these devils to hate them.

Until we spark the revolution,

I’mma do my best to ignite the fire starters and brainstorm solutions.

Eye am most thankful for the divine frequency of our healing sisters as we work to change the vibration.

Imagine the sacred healing power when we return to vegetation?

Imagine the manifestation when the war on drugs becomes a manifesto to practice meditation over self-medication?

In the wake of social unrest, there’s no need to stay woke;

It’s time to let the third-eye roam and look out for our peoples.

When it comes to surviving America,

Eye see the evils

Like soon as we thirst knowledge,

The fools behind the electoral college leave us in food deserts and poison the youth with hot cheetos and doritos.

Sometimes I wonder why social media outlets block posts that speak healing to our people.

They force feed us alphabet soup all day

Yet display dismay soon as I attempt to share African Holistic Health with our people.

Although they try hard to disguise the genocide,

Eye see the evil.

First they prescribe your affliction, 

Then they supply your addiction.

The school to prison pipeline got our children out here facing excessive suspensions.

Pardon my suspicions yet my mental vision’s decalcified

And eye see how labels like ADHD have allowed racists teachers to implore the chemical war on our young people.

Sometimes I wonder how the prescription pill mill got these educators to help them dispense Adderall and Ritalin to our children?

Sometimes I wonder why the welfare system was designed to take the Black Man away from his woman and children?

Although they don’t want us to know about COINTELPRO,

I’m here to let you know how the war on drugs legalized the government’s covert illegal actions.

If you cannot see how the war on drugs correlates with chemical warfare,

Ask the self-proclaimed conservatives behind the American Legislative Exchange Council why the prison industrial complex mainly captures POWs from neighborhoods that are mainly Black or Latin.

First they flooded our neighborhoods with drugs

Then they incorporated the Corrections Corporation of America and issued arrest quotas to mass incarcerate our peoples.

Why’s my Black Skin a constant target?

How are we to receive a fair trial when CoreCivic is traded on the stock exchange?

Why’s my Black Skin a constant target?

How are we to receive due process when the CXW profits when we’re buried alive behind bars

And the DA continues to refute our right to due process when we’re murdered and slain in custody of being detained?

Sometimes I wonder,

Why the chemists and those that impose eugenics invest so much time in administering the health decline of our people? 

How is it possible for every disease known to man to plague The Black Man? 

And we ain’t gon’ talk about how they target The Black Woman and Child.

Why you think these pigs get away with killing us and never go to trial?

They know Black Lives Matter, they know YOU are important. 

First they steal your peace of mind by orchestrating the conditions for crime,

Then they kidnap our children and push planned parenthood and feminism as a means to tell our women to have abortions.

How long before we see the all seeing eye merely pretends we’re not important?

If Black Lives didn’t matter,

Big pharma wouldn’t make billions off of stealing our organs.

If Black Lives didn’t matter,

Big business wouldn’t invest billions into ALEC sponsored legislation to make you feel less important.

@StevieStreets | I See The Evils

WTF is No Closure?!


Nothing’s infinite

What the F’ is no closure?!

The end is the end.

@StevieStreets #haiku | WTF is No Closure?!

quit your shit america, revisited



quit your sh!t america!

how in the hell is my black skin more threatening than a white suspect with an assault rifle ’round his neck?!

the way they let that boy flee the scene while people were shouting “he just shot someone” is total disrespect.


come on! 

what’s it gonna take for the black man, woman, and child to belong?

why the whitewashed media protect racists with assault rifles yet call me a terrorist for holding a sign stating i too belong?


from the emmett till generation to black lives matter, we’ve been singing the same ol’ song.

how many times must we state i too america?!


why the all lives matter fanatics only tough on when the defendants are brown or black?

tell me, how do those that purport pro-life fail to stake their claim when the slain is black?

if it’s make america great again,

when we gonna talk about her heinous acts?

when gop revisionists rile white supremacists with rhetoric like “take our country back,”

are you not taken aback?

today marks 65 years since the ideologue of make america great again murdered emmett till 

yet still, the murderous pack is murdering us still.


if democracy is dialogue,

when we gonna talk about how the hits are being orchestrated from capitol hill?

from jim crow to cointelpro,

this nation’s been wielding legislation as agents of oppression.

if the pen is mightier than the sword,

when we gonna expound stop and frisk and stand your ground as systemic weapons?


if you ask me why i’m no longer talking to white people about race,

i will tell you: the fear of a black man, 

i mean the presumption of reasonable suspicion is no reason to view my black skin as a weapon.

how many of our unarmed brothers and sisters must die before racial bias is called into question?

to be specific, why the snark remarks against blm protesters yet the constant need to decriminalize catholic priest, woody allen, and other caucasian child molesters?


the next time you decide to portray protesters as looters,

be sure to illustrate how the secretary of state stole an election.

how many members of the gop must we see steal an election before voter suppression is called into question?

if black people don’t vote,

why the constant need to enact voter suppression?

don’t believe the hype, we need every eligible voter to exercise the right to vote in this election.


when the experts on how not to get shot and whatnot retort the killing of an unarmed young man with character assassination,

how do you not see something is really wrong with this nation?

if you’re black in america, they will kill you then assassinate your character on every news station in the nation.

why the agenda to emasculate the black male on all occasions?


why the all-seeing eye wanna televise effeminate depictions?

why the airwave frequencies target our youth with promiscuity and glorified tales of drug addiction?

first they kill our image of self

then they leave us in food deserts with doritos, hot cheetos, and soda.

how effective can the police be

when every brother or sister that looks like me fits the description

and johnny law has a bloodthirst to reach a quota?


when the american dream begins to feel like a nightmare, one has no choice but to stay woke.

my poems are not poems, 

and i say that to say, if there is to be any hope,

every black person in america must march to the probate court, exercise your 2nd amendnent rights

then unify resistance on November 3rd with a vote.


@steviestreets quit your sh!t america, revisited