Book Lover’s Blues


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I can’t come into work today,
I just finished reading a good book and now my whole world is blue.

No; it’s not the flu.
I think I have a case of the book lover’s blues. 🤓📚

Yeah, I can’t come in to work today;
that plot twist gave me anxiety…
How could the author end the book like that?

I think I need to medicate with a few good reads;
a work of fiction has left me emotionally crippled.
I need to spend the day with chocolate truffles, caramel cookie crunch gelato, and recommended reads…
Where’s book bae at?!

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The Library Moment


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Hashtag libraries matter…
we all need a little love, life, and library;
however, sometimes you have to think beyond the books to experience that library moment.

Nothing compares to that magic moment, that moment when the library takes you by surprise.
That magic moment when you fall in love with the library and three ninety eight point two becomes a beautiful surprise.

Sorta like when you discovered reading is fundamental,
kind of like the moment when you discovered paradise was a library moment.

@StevieStreets #librarydiaries | The Library Moment

Protect Your Energy


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#energyiseverything… #begoodtoyourself and #protectyourenergy. -Stevie


the vibe never lies;
to find your tribe, you must surround yourself with the people that amplify your beautiful soul.

everything is everything and it’s all in the vibe;
to emanate the good vibe, you must vibe with the radiant ones and surround yourself with those that feel like sunshine. 🌞

energy is contagious;
therefore, it’s okay to dodge negative energy like the matrix,
self-preservation is a divine discipline,
I’m just mentionin’ the basics.
it’s okay to walk away from broken people,
it was a broken person that gave you broken promises,
it was a broken person that broke your heart,
and I promise you, that big heart of yours will let those broken people swallow you whole.
and… and you don’t need to be searching for peace in the pieces,
I mean, you deserve a little piece of happy
but other than that, you deserve to be whole.
you deserve to be surrounded by those that wholeheartedly adore your beautiful soul.
remember, it’s not your job to heal everyone that comes into your life,
however, it is your divine duty to protect your beautiful soul.
even if that means breaking free from those that are breaking your heart and piercing your soul.

you are enough;
your riches come not from this earth and your cup runneth over.
remember, it’s okay to put yourself first, it’s okay to start over.
who cares what they think?
do more of what you love and let the good vibes take over.
you’re never who they say you are;
don’t be afraid to shine your light on the world.
remember, it takes darkness to bring forth a star;
so even in your darkest hour, you are more than enough to shine bright in this world.
move quietly in the direction of your dreams
and think good thoughts until positive energy shines through your pores like sunbeams.
remember, it’s okay to be different; therefore, dare to different.
you gotta learn to leave the naysayers at the pity party;
energy is everything,
when you realize the realisms,
you gotta celebrate life at a different party.
they got 99 problems,
you party like it’s 1999;
see the difference in the party.
when you focus on celebrating life,
you ain’t got to be the life of the party;
you just shine.
you are more than you’ll ever know;
don’t dim your inner glow for no one,
let your light shine.
if nothing else,
protect your energy and learn to emulate the sun;
it’s not your job to heal everyone that comes into your life.
protect your energy,
believe in the power of you,
and remember the sun does not care who it blinds.

@StevieStreets #thevibematters #poem | Protect Your Energy

The Champion and The Contender revisited


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There is no competition;
I do not compete with others,
I’m too busy striving towards my best self.

I am the champion and the contender;
I have my mind set on that mindset,
I’m so focused on becoming my best self.

There is no competition;
in the pursuit of the best me,
I cannot concern myself with the success or shortcomings of someone else.

I am the champion and the contender;
I’ve been blessed with the insight to keep my goals in sight,
it’s like I have blinders on, I cannot compete with someone else.

There is no competition;
I may not always be the best, however, I will always give my best.
I will either win or learn how to adjust and adapt,
I am willing to do what it takes to become my best self.

I am the champion and the contender;
I set action steps and milestones to consistently achieve success.
The best defense is a good offense, my M.O. is DO or DIE, I’m always on the attack.
I’m on target to hit the target cause I put the target on myself.

@StevieStreets #liveyourbestlife #poem | The Champion and The Contender revisited

Hello October revisited



Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes.
Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks.
Hello October!

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📷: @starbucks

Wordplay: A Play On Words


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She thought I was curt;
I was heading to the john,
to be frank, I bobbed.

This is jim-dandy…
every Tom, Dick, and Harry
wants a cup of joe.

To be frank, not curt;
I’m not your average joe,
I advanced to dan.

As the day petered,
he robbed Peter to pay Paul
for a Tom Collins.

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Graphic Novels


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The graphic novels
are a little too graphic…
no pun intended.

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People Are People


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People are people;
it doesn’t matter what they look like,
it doesn’t matter what their language sounds like,
people are people.

People needed to be treated like they matter;
I don’t care if they’re filthy rich or poor,
it doesn’t matter if they smell like a million bucks or the scent of alcohol is seeping through their pores,
people need to be treated like they matter.

Jesus had shaggy hair and flip flops;
so who are you to judge?

They say judge not the garments
yet you walk around with hate in your blood.

Keep turning your nose up,
someday you’re gonna get punched in the face,
then you can really turn your nose up and smudge your face with that hate in your blood.

Every person you encounter should be treated with respect.

The rich man and the poor man,
they both deserve respect.

The man, the woman,
and the children,
they’re all human;
they all need to be treated with respect.

@StevieStreets #humaneletters #sonnet | People Are People

The Financial Piece


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Money matters… but financial literacy matters more;
tryna make a dollar out of fifteen cents,
I learned to turn one into two
and two into four.

The Richest Man in Babylon taught me to let my money work for me;
I gotta get back to the basics and let these rupees work for me.
Pay yourself before you pay anyone else;
the ability to invest in yourself is the key to financial health.

Success Through Stillness taught me to need less;
mastering the art of nothingness will help you accumulate more.

Warren Buffett said it’s all about compound interest;
that caught my interest like turning one into two
then two into four.

Money matters but 99% of the world does not understand Money Matters.

Talking money wise, I bet you didn’t know Charles Schwab funds a program at the Boys & Girls Club
to teach Money Matters.
Yet these teens and tweens are out here with thousand dollar phones,
snapchatting with money phones like money don’t matter.

Dennis Kimbro dropped The Wealth Choice
but he ain’t on the gram so they don’t understand The Wealth Choice;
they’re listening to these mumble rappers like money don’t matter.

They don’t understand, they all talk that cash bit
but most die broke and cashless.

I don’t think you understand,
it’s sad and it’s tragic;
these children think dude on the gram with bands is the man,
until they see his fam on the gram tryna GoFundMe the casket.

And it’s sad ’cause too many brothers are dying with a closet full of $200 sneakers
and empty bank accounts.
And it’s tragic ’cause 3 pair of those $200 sneakers could have purchased a decent life insurance policy for the year;
equating to a decent casket and funeral
plus a little something in a loved one’s bank account.

Too often on the quest for financial peace,
we miss the financial piece.
Well, here’s the financial piece;
Nas said it the best:
“What do we own? Not enough land, not enough homes.
Not enough banks, to give a brother a loan.”

@StevieStreets #theillusionofwealth #poem | The Financial Piece

Thank You Georgia Power!


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Thank You Georgia Power!
A few seconds after stepping out of the cold shower,
the lights came on.
I’s got power now,
thee lights are back on;
but memories of Irma still linger, I shall remember the storm.
As for now, I just wanna extend my gratitude to Georgia Power
for getting our power back on.
That tropical storm had it’s pro’s and its con’s,
it provided me with the much needed time to think and plan
but I’m too much of a modern man to ever lie on the the lamb.
They can save that prehistoric living for the history books;
I am one to admit I love technology.
I love the simple things…
like hot water; I love technology.
After a few nights without lights,
I am thankful for those that have the insight to invest in green technology.
If STEM and STEAM can teach us to power a radio with a potato,
imagine the world when electricity is powered by green technology.
But until then, I’ll stand with the dreamers
until the American Dream becomes more than a dream.
As for now, I’d like to thank Georgia Power
in advance for my next hot shower.

@StevieStreets #blackout #poem vi | Thank You Georgia Power!