Blue Sapphire: A Few Jewels for The Virgo


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Peace to the strong communicators coming across the Himalayas.

Virgo season has arrived like a flower in bloom.

If you ain’t know, Virgo is not phased by retrograde,
Virgos gallivant the cosmos and rule mercury retrograde from sun rising to waning moon.

If it’s any consolation, the virgo constellation falls in correlation with the Queen of 10,000 moons.

It’s out of this world how this earth sign be guided by the Goddess Isis from Venus to Neptune.

O how they don’t want you to know The Virgin in virgo zodiac is Great Mother Isis – from the pyramid text.

I don’t know why the Greeks chose to depict Amun as Zeus,
what I know for sure is the virgo glyph in hieroglyphs begins to put the virgo maiden with a sheath of wheat in context.

But don’t mind me,
I tend to think knowledge infinite and my 9-ether is divine.

Please don’t let me be misunderstood,
I got a thing for the throat chakra, blue kyanite, and the divine feminine mind.

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NAH: An Introversion / Introvert Problems Poem


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Introverts be like:
Nah, I have plans.
Sorry, I can’t hang out with you.

And by plans, we mean:
Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and/or Hulu.

Please dont judge me,
I find solace in the solitude;

That is unless you too know THE BOOK WAS BETTER!
Then and only then, can ye #quietly be considered a friend.

And by quietly, I mean:
An occasional nod.
And should you ever attempt to force communication,
I will be forced to channel my inner Virgo and tune you out.

My poems are not poems…
this for the quiet ones that understand loud and clear what I am talking about. 🤓

-INFJ, @StevieStreets | NAH: an introversion / introvert problems poem

My alone time is for everyone’s benefit. -Unknown / #introvertquotes

Forcibly and Against Her Will


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Call me old fashioned but I still believe A WOMAN’S DECISION is a woman’s decision.

I mean, how can the same idiots that oppose Affordable Health Care impose bill in the best interest of women?

Are we supposed to forget Georgia has the highest maternal mortality rates in the United States?

I mean, how could the same state that put educators in prison possibly care about fetal life? When are we gonna talk about juveniles being sentenced as adults in this state?

Don’t worry we’ll Reclaim Georgia by electing delegates that actually confer with the constituent body.

Question: How do you suppose we #endrapeculture while legislation is being forced to take hold of a woman’s body?

I don’t understand why the State of Georgia wants control of a woman’s body…

Does anyone else see the elephant in the room?

Can’t you see, they’re stripping “the rights” right off of women? How long must ye pretend to turn a blind eye?!

How’d we’d let these weak men legislate rape? Why isn’t the LIFE Act considered as a form of forcible rape? I mean, Kemp just signed a bill to coerce consent of a woman’s body!

My poemsvarevnot poems…
and I say that to say: May the words “Forcibly and Against Her Will” resound throughout the room.

But don’t mind me, I just tend to think rape occurs when the victim may be legally incapable of consent…
Then again, who am I to ponder historical legal definitions, the police shoot and kill people that look like me on Facebook Live and the grand jury seems to always find a way to turn a blind eye.

@StevieStreets #womensrights / #artisactivism #poem | Forcibly and Against Her Will

📷: @naralprochoicega

When Did Rape Culture Become Pop Culture?


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Right wing fanatics have no regard for WOMENS RIGHTS!

When we gonna talk about how the idiots behind the hashtag i am the pro-life generation are staunch proponents of mass incarceration?

I mean, how did we put A WOMAN’S DECISION in the same hands that write tough on crime laws and death penalty legislation?

We can’t even get the GOP to talk sensibly about gun reform yet they expect me to believe HB481 should be used to determine life?!

If you ask me why this heartbeat bill breaks my heart, I will ask you: Where is your regard for life when women are raped?

How does Ed Setzler (and the Republicans who campaigned on conservative values) plan to eradicate the State of Georgia’s sex trafficking epidemic?

When did A WOMAN’S CHOICE become pandemic? When you gonna see we need more euthenics and less eugenics?

I guess anything goes but Kavanaugh is still a nah; I don’t understand how a man accused of rape was not recused from the Supreme Court Justice of the United States.

When did rape culture become pop culture? This can’t be America!

Then again, we let a man who alluded to sexual assault become President of the United States of America.

Sometimes I wonder: Why do assault rifles get more support than survivors of sexual assault in America?

How does “a state that values life” impinge the toughest abortion bill in the country?

Is it me – or did the LIFE Act kill the morale of women throughout the country?

My poems are not poems…
And I say that to say: I jus’ wanted to illustrate how I stand with those that want to Reclaim Georgia and draw attention to the state with the highest maternal mortality rate in the country.

@StevieStreets #awomanknowsherbody #poem | When Did Rape Culture Become Pop Culture?

📷 : @millennialsforabrams

LEGO for The Blind


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To Help Children Learn Braille, Lego Will Introduce Bricks Designed For The Blind:


IMPACT > Income!
This is how you make a difference in the world.

Shout out to LEGO for recognizing: IMPACT is greater than Income.

This is literacy outreach at its best! –
This is what Helen Keller meant when she implied vision is better than sight. –
This is how you tear down barriers and BUILD A BETTER WORLD.

@StevieStreets #unorthodoxtribe #poem | LEGO for The Blind

You Are Not Alone


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Because April is Sexual Assualt Awareness Month and we need to teach consent.
We had to take a moment to draw attention to hashtag NO MORE and hashtag NSVRC’s call to End Sexual Violence.

This is for the beautiful souls that are brave enough to speak their truth.
May you continue to trek through the trauma and tears with a renewed sense of purpose as you Speak Your Truth.

I want the world to kNOw: NO is a full sentence.
Does anyone else see the elephant in the room?
Shall I’ll paint the elephant teal to help you feel all the feels?
What must I do to reveal the teal?

I am more than an artist yet I cannot illustrate the words to tell you “healing is the hardest part.”
So I’ll jus’ paint the city teal and immortalize you through my art.

Recognizing your voice has power is just the start.

@StevieStreets #saam #poem | You Are Not Alone

The Poet, The Muse, and The Poems


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For the same reason that sonnets were written about Laura;
like the balcony scene in Romeo & Juliet,
like the sweet sound of songbirds in duet,
I became a hopeless romantic the moment I saw her.

@StevieStreets | Love, Love, Love (the poet, the muse, and the poems) abridged

Calla Lilies


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lovely as a calla lily…
magnificent and beautiful,
sophisticated and powerful;
she bloomed mystically.

sweeter than a red lemon…
radiant as a yellow calla lily,
iconic as an afro bloomin’, sisterlocks, or 9-ether versatility;
the black woman blooms a little brighter than most women.

@StevieStreets #wcw / #nobedofroses #poem | Calla Lilies: Invocation to the Muse revisited

Too wOke for The American Dream


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i’m too wOke for the american dream…
if they ain’t tryna kill us, they’re tryna turn us to feigns.
the country’s divided without the wall and it ain’t got nothing to do with skin color; stay wOke my brother, it’s all about capitalist green.
all i know is: the walls are closing in on trump and it’s getting hard to overlook the walls of justice as tough on crime proponents push to legalize green.
how am i supposed to care about your opioid crisis or your medical excuse for drug use when your prisons are filled with my brothers and sisters that tried to scale the walls of justice with triple beam dreams?

when we gonna talk about the unbalanced scale of justice or how the war on drugs mandate fostered the most horrific holocaust to date?
i don’t understand how conservatives are so pro-life when it comes to a woman’s decision yet so tolerant to our brothers and sisters being buried alive in prisons.
why should i worry about a wall at the mexico border, when our brothers and sisters in flint, michigan have been left out to dry amid food deserts and lead-contaminated water?

flint can’t drink tears or well wishes;
my heart is heavy; first they flooded our neighborhoods with drugs then they bombed they levees.
the flint water crisis is biological warfare!
why the cdc put a patent on the ebola virus?
these white supremacists (oops i meant biochemists) have been killing us off for years.

when we gonna talk about the mass murderers that manufactured aids and hiv?
i wonder why they ain’t want bill cosby to purchase nbc.
why we can’t get states to mandate the marijuana justice act before they legalize dispensaries?
i don’t wanna see the world up in smoke while my brothers and sisters with drug convictions are still sitting in penitentiaries.
so no! i don’t care to hear how medical marijuana stops your children from having seizures; f’ you and your legislative bill, last time i checked: our communities are still paying the price of your stop and frisk seizures.

@StevieStreets #artisactivism #poem | Too wOke for The American Dream

🎨: unknown

Thrive on Plant-Based Protein


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for those that ask “what are you doing for protein?”

broccoli has more protein than beef,
don’t ask me what i’m doing for protein?

to say the least, the strongest animals alive thrive on plant-based protein?

the hardest challenge eye’ve faced during Meatless March has been channelling zen in the wake of those that refuse to see the benefits of a moor organic life.

minus a pescatarian cheat-day, our Meatless March Challenge is rooted in planting the seeds to help branch out towards a more natural life.

now that the elephant’s in the room, don’t make me go ape sh!t; quit the monkey business, stop acting like protein-power does not stem from a plant-based life.

how long ’til you stop beefing with the vegans & vegetarians and explore the vegeculture?

if you can’t Go Meatless, consider healing with wholefoods; food is medicine and the next breakthrough in radiant health shall be rooted in urban agriculture.

in the garden of life, a plant-based lifestyle oughta be at the helm of the culture.

@StevieStreets for @vegeculture365 / #vegeculture #moororganic | Thrive on Plant-Based Protein


📷: @diosana_health