Changing The Narrative


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Change the narrative…
Speak less of who you were, speak more of who you are.
Think about the plot twist – you got this! – your ability to articulate the divinity within will make you a star.
Change the narrative.

Change the narrative.
Take the band-aids off, open your heart, let the world see your scars.
Speak of those defining moments, there’s no shame in the pain; tell the world, the things that break you make you who you are.
Change the narrative.

Teach the boys and girls how the lowest moments in life prepared you to reach for the stars.
Teach the boys and girls how you acquired emotional intelligence from being emotionally scarred.
Teach the boys and girls why everything you’ve been through has made you everything you are.

Speak life; plant seeds of wisdom in the youth, help the boys and girls grow.
Speak life; teach the youth to live and let die, preach the power of letting go.
Speak life, even if it kills you to speak your truth; you must know, everything you’ve been through has been preparing you for everywhere you must go.

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A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on her own wings. Always believe in yourself! -Unknown

You are not defined by your circumstances.
You have the ability to defy your circumstances.

You have to keep an eye on your choices, your chances.
You will be refined via your choices, your chances.

Under no circumstances will I allow to think quitting is a choice, you will not squander your chances.

Under the circumstances, you will make better choices and prepare for better chances.

Stand firm in your decisions, walk in your purpose, don’t leave it to happenstance.

In the journey of life, you must step up, you cannot live a purpose driven life by happenstance.

Change your mind – change your life, it’s that simple at a glance.

To be or not to be is a choice, just be careful with that choice, you only have one life to live and NOW is your chance.

@StevieStreets #defyingtheodds #poem | Under No Circumstances


Penury and Affluence


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Penury and affluence are products of the mind. Focus on your abilities, utilize the resources within your reach. Give 100% in all your efforts; the journey of 1,000 miles begins with 1 step, keep moving forward by all means.

Believe in yourself; the helping hand you seek is often at the end of your own arm.

Become a student; learn from everyone and everything, stand on the shoulder of giants. Leverage your resources; build upon everything you have and build with everyone you know, experience is the best teacher.

Develop a daily mantra; tell yourself “I AM THE GREATEST” for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Consume an I Think I Can Attitude; tell yourself “I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN” until you Know You Can! You Can Do It! And You Will Do It! Become a champion in your mind, you have to know you’re the greatest when no one else knows you’re the greatest.

Condition your mind to conquer fear; action alleviates doubt, ACT AS IF YOU COULD NOT FAIL. There’s a seed of knowledge in each failure; find it and every loss becomes a win.

Practice the art of MIND OVER MATTER; you can do anything you set your mind to, think and grow rich with discipline, dedication, and determination.

Practice THE POWER OF NOW; never put off for tomorrow, that in which you can accomplish today. Treat each moment as life and death; the perfect time never arrives, all you have is Now and within the moment Now is gone forever. TIME IS LIFE; Master Your Minutes, Now is the time and the hour MAKE EVERYONE SECOND COUNT!

Expect the unexpected then go out and do the impossible. Imagination is better than knowledge; tell yourself “Difficult, Not Impossible” then envision the extra ordinary. Your mind is extraordinary; the eye of the Lord is upon you. There’s jewels within your mind’s eye; if you can conceive it, you can achieve it!

Condition your mind for endurance; become mentally cross fit, ALWAYS GO THE EXTRA MILE. Prepare to conquer life like you’re conditioning for track & field. Treat each objective like your competing in Speed and Distance, treat each obstacle like you’re facing 100m hurdles. Opportunities are always available to those who a prepared to meet them; success is often awarded to those who maintained the stamina after enthusiasm waned. Persistence pays; the trouble is you prepare for the sprint, and life is like a marathon.

Condition your mind to maintain peace; become emotionally intelligent. Learn to maintain the peace you manifest within without disturbance from the noise that surrounds you. Develop a poker face; learn when to hold and when to fold. You may not control the cards that are dealt your way; but you do have the power to play your hand. Life is a lot like poker; it’s not about the cards on the table, it’s more or less about the player with the cards. Keep your cool at all times; act on reason, never make a decision based on emotions. Exercise acceptance; fold when you need to cut your losses early. Exercise stillness; hold when you need to let your resources develop. Exercise peace; play your high card when the chips are not falling your way. When all else fails, remember Penury and Affluence are products of the mind.

@StevieStreets | Penury and Affluence circa January 16, 2015

More Malcolm than Martin


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Concerning nonviolence, it is criminal to teach a man not to defend himself when he is the constant victim of brutal attacks. -Malcolm X

I am the darker brother
exclaimed Langston

Listen, Black America…
I’m more MALCOLM than MARTIN
same color, different hues.

They killed both brothers;
albeit different views.

The nonviolent
died violently.

The Jim Crow defiant
died violently.

couldn’t silence me.

Ghandi was a bigot,
Malcolm had a little more faith,
y’all better stop dreaming and stay woke.

I don’t want no pie in the sky,
the all-seeing eye won’t seal my fate;
the only God they trust is inscribed Federal Notes.

Thee American Dream is a hoax,
they still don’t want me to vote;
my neighborhood consists of liquor store – traphouse – storefront church,
I guess hope is the new dope.

Why they wanna sell me inebriate dreams of tomorrow,
while they live their dreams today
and I succumb to sorrow?

Explain to me why is it so easy for society to witness injustice everyday,
yet equal rights and justice are always coming on the morrow?

I wonder how people that look like me
are considered to be the minority
yet somehow we comprise the incarcerated majority?

I wonder why MLK day is the only public holiday dedicated to a minority?

Why we don’t dedicate holidays to the El-Hajj Malik’s and Fannie Lou’s of society?

Why do they extract brothers like Mumia and Dr. York from society?

I have a dream… and I pray I live to see the day when Sundiata, Mutulu, and Jamil Abdullah are paid retributions and returned to society.

I have a dream… that one day Assata, Kathleen, and Angela will be awarded for their contributions to society.

I have a dream… that one day names like Herman Wallace, Fred Hampton, and Mark Clark will resonate with society.

I have a dream… that women like Afeni, Mary Johnson Lowe, and Ruby Bridges are celebrated for their contributions to society.

I mean…
Why is Malcolm hated?
Why is Martin celebrated?
Why is the alpha Black Male castrated?
Where would we be if Harriet never made it?

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Reading is the New Sexy


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How could you expect someone to be committed to a relationship,
if they’re not committed to reading? 🤓

I need a woman who loves recreational reading as much as she loves breathing. 📚

When I really want to get to know a woman,
I listen to her playlists and read her favorite books.

I don’t care if she sends me sweet text messages;
morning – noon – and night,
if there’s no texture, no depth.

I need texture, I need depth,
I need something more than looks.

I’m looking for the girl whose face is blocked by a book.

If reading is the new sexy,
I know book bae is buried in a book. 📚😍

Nothing makes me feel more alive
than discourse with a woman that loves books.

I like ’em afro bloomin’ with the melanin poppin’,
#turnupabook tee, #readmore button rockin’.

I’m looking for the woman who’s referring to the bookstore
when she exclaims “let’s go shopping!”

I need a well read black girl that’s not afraid to write her name in the sky.

When I exclaim THE BOOK IS BETTER,
the love of my life would already know why.

I’m the type of guy to take an awkward black girl around way.

I need an around the way girl; if I may say.

If reading is the new sexy,
I want a girl that hashtags books are bae.

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The Blerd and The Beautiful


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I’m looking for the girl whose face is blocked by a book.

I need the lady in my life to understand my Slytherin outlook…

I’m attracted to that Gryffindor, Ravenclaw allure.

I need that Black Girl Magic when the world is not enough;

I mean – her shoe game is mean but she’s nice a Hufflepuff.

@StevieStreets #librarydiaries slash #readingisthenewsexy slash #blerdandbeautiful #poem | The Blerd and The Beautiful 🤓




Where’s #bookbae at? 📚😍



Signs and Symptoms of Depression


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Impaired Memory
Thoughts of Death and Suicide
Mood Swings and Anger

High Anxiety
No Emotional Response
Sadness and Self-Blame

@StevieStreets mental health awareness haiku |
Sign and Symptoms of Depression i and ii

Introversion: Introvert Problems


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Sometimes you need to be alone to quiet the noise.
in order to do thee impossible and see thee unseen,
you must understand the power of quietude and not being seen.

I mean; the sun is brilliant by day,
yet at night the the stars are seen…
I guess you can say, sometimes, I like people
and then there’s those times when I refrain from all contact with human beings.

The vibe never lies…
if I catch the slightest hint of the wrong vibe, I’m done with people.
Yet still in all
when I need time to replenish, it has nothing to do with people.
Being an introvert is not what you think,
sometimes I need silence to hear the divine energy,
sometimes I just need to think.

I’m responsible for both the energy that I give
and the energy that I accept;
therefore, sometimes I need to be alone to get to know my “self.”
Sometimes, I don’t answer my phone cause I’m busy engaging my higher self.

Sometimes, I prefer books over people;
and that has nothing to do with my Myers Briggs type having 6% feelings.
Sometimes, I prefer books over people;
only because erudition and intuition are premonitions that replenish the higher self.

In retrospect, I’m 50% introvert with extrovert tendencies.
If Mindfulness and Stillness teach you how to welcome extraordinary energy;
in a world where people seek attention like food,
solitude is my natural propensity.

I find solace in the solitude,
nothing makes me feel more alone than small talk in large gatherings;
lonely is the only company when you’re in the company of those that don’t match your energy.
This is dedicated to those that take time to replenish.

If calm is a superpower, introversion is not a blemish.
This concludes my ode to replenish;
I had my dose of people for the day, I’m going to replenish. 🤓

@StevieStreets time alone poem | Introversion: Introvert Problems

Book Lover’s Blues


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I can’t come into work today,
I just finished reading a good book and now my whole world is blue.

No; it’s not the flu.
I think I have a case of the book lover’s blues. 🤓📚

Yeah, I can’t come in to work today;
that plot twist gave me anxiety…
How could the author end the book like that?

I think I need to medicate with a few good reads;
a work of fiction has left me emotionally crippled.
I need to spend the day with chocolate truffles, caramel cookie crunch gelato, and recommended reads…
Where’s book bae at?!

@StevieStreets #librarydiaries | Book Lover’s Blues 🤣

The Library Moment


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Hashtag libraries matter…
we all need a little love, life, and library;
however, sometimes you have to think beyond the books to experience that library moment.

Nothing compares to that magic moment, that moment when the library takes you by surprise.
That magic moment when you fall in love with the library and three ninety eight point two becomes a beautiful surprise.

Sorta like when you discovered reading is fundamental,
kind of like the moment when you discovered paradise was a library moment.

@StevieStreets #librarydiaries | The Library Moment

Protect Your Energy


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#energyiseverything… #begoodtoyourself and #protectyourenergy. -Stevie


the vibe never lies;
to find your tribe, you must surround yourself with the people that amplify your beautiful soul.

everything is everything and it’s all in the vibe;
to emanate the good vibe, you must vibe with the radiant ones and surround yourself with those that feel like sunshine. 🌞

energy is contagious;
therefore, it’s okay to dodge negative energy like the matrix,
self-preservation is a divine discipline,
I’m just mentionin’ the basics.
it’s okay to walk away from broken people,
it was a broken person that gave you broken promises,
it was a broken person that broke your heart,
and I promise you, that big heart of yours will let those broken people swallow you whole.
and… and you don’t need to be searching for peace in the pieces,
I mean, you deserve a little piece of happy
but other than that, you deserve to be whole.
you deserve to be surrounded by those that wholeheartedly adore your beautiful soul.
remember, it’s not your job to heal everyone that comes into your life,
however, it is your divine duty to protect your beautiful soul.
even if that means breaking free from those that are breaking your heart and piercing your soul.

you are enough;
your riches come not from this earth and your cup runneth over.
remember, it’s okay to put yourself first, it’s okay to start over.
who cares what they think?
do more of what you love and let the good vibes take over.
you’re never who they say you are;
don’t be afraid to shine your light on the world.
remember, it takes darkness to bring forth a star;
so even in your darkest hour, you are more than enough to shine bright in this world.
move quietly in the direction of your dreams
and think good thoughts until positive energy shines through your pores like sunbeams.
remember, it’s okay to be different; therefore, dare to different.
you gotta learn to leave the naysayers at the pity party;
energy is everything,
when you realize the realisms,
you gotta celebrate life at a different party.
they got 99 problems,
you party like it’s 1999;
see the difference in the party.
when you focus on celebrating life,
you ain’t got to be the life of the party;
you just shine.
you are more than you’ll ever know;
don’t dim your inner glow for no one,
let your light shine.
if nothing else,
protect your energy and learn to emulate the sun;
it’s not your job to heal everyone that comes into your life.
protect your energy,
believe in the power of you,
and remember the sun does not care who it blinds.

@StevieStreets #thevibematters #poem | Protect Your Energy