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#energyiseverything… #begoodtoyourself and #protectyourenergy. -Stevie


the vibe never lies;
to find your tribe, you must surround yourself with the people that amplify your beautiful soul.

everything is everything and it’s all in the vibe;
to emanate the good vibe, you must vibe with the radiant ones and surround yourself with those that feel like sunshine. 🌞

energy is contagious;
therefore, it’s okay to dodge negative energy like the matrix,
self-preservation is a divine discipline,
I’m just mentionin’ the basics.
it’s okay to walk away from broken people,
it was a broken person that gave you broken promises,
it was a broken person that broke your heart,
and I promise you, that big heart of yours will let those broken people swallow you whole.
and… and you don’t need to be searching for peace in the pieces,
I mean, you deserve a little piece of happy
but other than that, you deserve to be whole.
you deserve to be surrounded by those that wholeheartedly adore your beautiful soul.
remember, it’s not your job to heal everyone that comes into your life,
however, it is your divine duty to protect your beautiful soul.
even if that means breaking free from those that are breaking your heart and piercing your soul.

you are enough;
your riches come not from this earth and your cup runneth over.
remember, it’s okay to put yourself first, it’s okay to start over.
who cares what they think?
do more of what you love and let the good vibes take over.
you’re never who they say you are;
don’t be afraid to shine your light on the world.
remember, it takes darkness to bring forth a star;
so even in your darkest hour, you are more than enough to shine bright in this world.
move quietly in the direction of your dreams
and think good thoughts until positive energy shines through your pores like sunbeams.
remember, it’s okay to be different; therefore, dare to different.
you gotta learn to leave the naysayers at the pity party;
energy is everything,
when you realize the realisms,
you gotta celebrate life at a different party.
they got 99 problems,
you party like it’s 1999;
see the difference in the party.
when you focus on celebrating life,
you ain’t got to be the life of the party;
you just shine.
you are more than you’ll ever know;
don’t dim your inner glow for no one,
let your light shine.
if nothing else,
protect your energy and learn to emulate the sun;
it’s not your job to heal everyone that comes into your life.
protect your energy,
believe in the power of you,
and remember the sun does not care who it blinds.

@StevieStreets #thevibematters #poem | Protect Your Energy