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Don’t hide the madness,
Find your tribe and love them hard;
For they are the ones that help you find your way home.

Peace to the beautiful souls that understand my silence;
For they are the ones that know the difference between being lonely and being alone.

Special thanks to the Introverts and the Empaths that understand my introvert problems like:
Why do I feel more lonesome when more people are around?

Why do I find it hard so to stfu when people I enjoy come around?

What causes a person to feel more alone in a room full of people than when they’re actually alone?

Why is small talk such a big deal?
Why do I prefer self-talk more than talking on the phone?

Is it me, or do the I CAME I SAW I LEFT EARLY memes really hit home?

Can the hashtag stay close to people who feel like sunlight credo illuminate the path back home?

Like a flower leans towards the sun, we tend to gravitate towards an inner glow.

My poems are not poems…
And I say that to say:
I’m not antisocial, I can’t fake being social;
If it entails fake smiling,
I probably won’t go.

I wrote this piece for those that know:
I’m not saying I don’t want the invite,
I still want the invite;
Although, we all know, I’m not gonna go.

I’m still a social being, at least.
Yeah, I disappear at times; it’s my thing.
I just like being at peace.
I’m close to very few people,
But those few people mean everything to me;
In case you didn’t know.

Happiness is an inside job
Yet you need to surround yourself with people that are good for your mental health.

Even an Introvert exhibits extroverted tendencies in an environment that allows one the comfort of being one’s self.

Normal is a myth and conformance is bad for one’s health;
If nothing else:

-@StevieStrees #poem | Find Your Tribe