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Thanksgiving begets introvert problems slash holiday blues.

I don’t wanna small talk
Plus everybody can’t cook;
Yeah I said it, start spreading the news.

😳 Please don’t invite me,
🤨 The way my stomach setup,
🤔 I don’t wanna be rude…

I come from a different culture
and I’m fresh off the 21-Day Veggie Challenge,
I can’t eat that food.

The Thanksgiving holiday got me over here practicing like:
🤦‍♂️ sorry, I don’t do potlucks!
👀 No Thank You, I just ate.

Introversion got me ducking berates of “Who made the potato salad?”
“I know you didn’t just renege?!”
and “Let me fix you a plate?!”

The way my tastebuds setup,
I don’t wanna know nothing ’bout no crunchy macaroni,
No zing of flavor,
Or undercooked food.

If the cook ain’t got full lips, Elbow fat, or black girl hips,
I’m not in the mood.
‘Tis not the season for something new,
If I gotta suffer through small talk,
I need soul food. 🤓

@StevieStreets #thinkingoutloud #poem | Holiday Blues vol. i