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The government declared a war on drugs.


Rockefeller laws were imposed to crack down on heroin.


AIDS premiered and crack became the new heroin.


Are we ever gonna win the war on drugs?



Nah; they don’t wanna win the war on drugs.


The drug business was commodified;

illegal business is big business in America.


Jails were privatized;

the prison system is a billion dollar industry in America.


Governments fare well off of the war on drugs.



They told you to “SAY NO TO DRUGS”

as central intelligence smuggled drugs into the United States.


They established the “RICO ACT” to prosecute the mafia,

as the war on drugs became the biggest racket in the United States.


Capitalists on capitol hill lobbied for the GEO Group and the Corrections Corporation of America,

as mandatory minimum and three-strike laws increased the incarceration rates.



I wonder what they thought when Washington DC became the “MURDER CAPITAL”

as the president of the free world conspired with gun runners & drug smugglers to fund secret ops,

back when the crack epidemic was labeled endemic to the have nots.


I wonder what they thought as the “COLLATERAL DAMAGE” began to unfurl;

this is for the babies that were born addicted to ready rock,

this is dedicated to those that are still suffering from shell shock.


I remember how “THE WAR ON DRUGS” left urban areas looking like a third world;

this is for the P.O.Ws, this is for the nonviolent offenders that are still confined to a cell block,

this is dedicated to the families and communities that were ravaged by the infestation of crack rock.


@StevieStreets | from THE CRACK ERA COLLECTION: The War On Drugs