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To the cutie in the cafe reading The Coldest Winter Ever,
Sipping Seattle’s Best;
I like BIG BOOKS and I cannot lie,
your smile is the warmest ever…

This is dedicated to my bookshop love:
My I heart Borders Bookstore girl
The cutie in college working at the bookstore by night
My chocalate kiss exoticness
Ms. R&B and Urban Fiction are the only addictions in my life

This is dedicated to the one that introduced me to Save Room by John Legend
The Dutch Trilogy collection
The bestseller’s list in Essence
This is for the book lover that inspired me to start a book club reminiscent of Black Expressions
Oh how I adore my bookshop love

This is for my bookshop beauty:
My adorable around the way girl
The cutie in the café reading The Coldest Winter Ever
Sipping Seattle’s Best, her smile is the warmest ever

This dedicated to melanated goddess that finds solace in the bookstore
That afro bloomin’ wit’ the melanin poppin’ knowledge of self droppin’ kind that you can always find in the bookstore
This is for the under-celebrated, highly educated woman that I adore
Before we put this one in the books, I had to take a moment to say te amo, mi amor
Oh how I my bookshop beauty

For the love of books, music, and movies
Blessed be the day that I met my bookshop beauty
This is an ode to the blerd and the beautiful
From yours truly
I’m a fan of the well read black girl
And I got a thing for discourse that takes course with “THE BOOK WAS BETTER THAN THE MOVIE”
This was written to show my bookshop love some love
turn up a book and do the read thing, show a black woman some love
Get a library card, buy a black woman a book
Show a bookshop beauty some love 😍😍📚

Books come in all colors
Yet, I fell for the girl reading black books at the bookstore
Peace, One Love

@StevieStreets #inasentimentalmood #poem | Bookshop Love revisited