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February 14, 1991

I’ll never forget the day; I’ll never forget the year


I remember when them dirt-bags tried to jump and you suddenly appeared


You stood there to make sure I got a fair one, they ain’t wanna shoot the fair one


Edwin and I never got chased after that day in ‘85,

Lord knows I was so glad to run into you and Saint-Claire that day in ‘85


My mind state was “I might be young but I can still hold a gun,” after you died


I was riddled with so many questions – at first glance I had to second-guess the who’s, how’s, and why’s – after you died


Sometimes, I still wonder: who could kill the coolest man alive?
You’re still the coolest dude I ever knew, dead or alive


It’s been 27 years to date and I still wish you were here

Sometimes I see you with the LL Kangol, frontin’ in the square


Heaven only knows what I would do to hear you say: “if you don’t look like your cousin Taylor ha, I swear”


It’s been 27 years to date and I still wish you were here


Sometimes, I wonder: how it feels to celebrate a birthday knowing your twin is not here


Long story short, cousin Dan – you was the man,
I just wanted to take a moment to let you know you still got love out here


@StevieStreets #homage #poem | February 14, 1991