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Love Fiercely!

Breathe deep and do more of what makes you happy while you can.

Book The Flight!

Dance in the rain and write your name in the sand.

Stay close to people who feel like sunlight,

Give this world good energy,

And Shine your light on the world.

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,

Give people their flowers while they’re here,

And Spread love like it’s your last day in this world.

I mean, if you had 24 hours to love,

What would you say? What would you do?

The perfect time never arrives,

Don’t wait to compliment her eyes,

Don’t hesitate to tell her she is beautiful.

If you love that woman,

You better send her flowers with notecards that read Just Because – just because!

If you know she’d be missed immensely,

You better not wait until she’s gone to appreciate all that she was.


If time was running out,

Would you personify Sade’s I Couldn’t Love You More?

If I told you you are a Beautiful Surprise,

Would you leave me like Meshell Ndegeocello – Outside Your Door?

When I remind you:

Such pretty hair

And whisper so beautiful in your ear,

Am I wrong to think Forever My Lady?

How do you suppose I have a type when you are the prototype, sweet lady?

Would hear my love language in my silence?

Would you see the smile in my heart speaks of I think I’m in love again?

If ever I should get a little shy,

Shall I serenade thee with a little If I Should Ever Fall In Love Again?

And should emotions make you cry sometimes,

May you tell me When Will I See Your Smile Again?


When I wish that you were mine,

Shall I summon thee with A Ribbon In The Sky or My Cherie Amour?

If time is like a clock in my heart,

Would you Show Me Love like Alicia and Miguel sang, when I walk through the door?

If I told you I love you in place where there’s no space or time,

Would ye sideways, upside down, ceiling or the ground,

Each hour – each second – each minute – each day?

When I text you should be here,

Would reply smiling face with 3 hearts, on the way?

I mean, how could you tell me leave when you mean stay,

When those pretty brown eyes say you’ve already played with the idea of me being here,

Although it’s getting late

And your smile is beaming of woke up this morning – (is it the way) on replay?


@StevieStreets #hopelessromantic Love Fiercely (Everything I Never Told You revisited)