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Slumdog Millionaire status…
what goes around comes back around again.

Success is like a carrot,
the growth begins on the bottom
yet everyone wants to be on top.

Success does not come from the spotlight,
success comes from preparedness in the dark.

Everyone has this idea of what success looks like
yet few understand the inner workings of growth
and even fewer prepare to win.

There’s always a process before progress…

Everything you’ve been through has prepared you to win,

Everything you’re going through is preparing you to win.

Experience is the best teacher, trust the process.

What is meant to be will be;

In the meantime, study the ant – emulate the bee.

Take small steps and work diligently.

Remember, the power of habit is a powerful habit.

If excellence is an attitude, success is a habit.

Get familiar with preparation and persistence;

if you dare to be successful, you must first become acquainted with successful habits.

@StevieStreets ism sonnet | Trust The Process